New Garmin Edge Explore 1000 Announced

ad-01[1]Garmin have announced a new variant for the Edge 1000.

The Edge 1000 has a nice large screen. The new ‘explore’ features essentially are satnav-directional type features. So you can plan routes for your bike when you are somewhere and want to get somewhere else.

At £350 it’s an expensive bike-satnav.

EdgeExplore1000_HR_0003.4[1]OK fair enough it does also have many of those smart notification and GLONASS type features. Don’t be fooled that the Edge 1000 is a feature-superior model to the 500 series. The key word for this product is EXPLORE…if you are an EXPLORER then this MAY be for you.

Whilst I’m a little dismissive of this product, I have to say that I was in the wild mountains of Wales this week and got lost and I was not following a route. If I had this Edge I would have got back MUCH more easily than the exhausting mountain-fest that my short ride turned into!!

So; we’re all different and I am sure this product will be great for the specific needs of some of you. Happy exploring!

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