Garmin 5S Pink

FTC: Affiliate Disclosure Links may pay commission new colours for the Garmin Fenix 5S are hardly worth mentioning.

Except if you re-read this in 24 hours then you might realise one reason why it’s a little more interesting than it seems.

I’ll be a little less vague: IE A WATCH FROM A COMPETITOR.

EVEN LESS VAGUE: That’s also smallish and lightly coloured and good.

Got that? Awesome! 😉

So. Which amongst you will be the first to dare say that this small watch, in pink, could be targeted at people other than small-wristed men who happen to like pastel shades?


Suunto Spartan Trainer

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3 thoughts on “Garmin 5S Pink

  1. I’ve had so many huge GPS watches now that if I buy a Fenix (increasingly likely over a Spartan Sport) it’ll likely be the white 5S.

  2. When will these new Fenix 5s colors be released? I have not seen any other information about this. It looks pretty though 😉

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