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when is whoop shipping?
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WHOOP 4.0 Initial Accuracy – Is it Accurate in the Gym?

For my WHOOP Band 4 Review later this year I’m teaming up with Hunter from the FitGeatHunter YouTube channel, he’s one of the very few YouTubers that do more serious gym/Cross-Fit heart rate testing across a range of devices and a range of exercise types. He’s had his Whoop 4 for a couple of weeks.

I don’t produce videos or do much gym work/Cross-fit, whereas Hunter only does YouTube and Cross fit. Seems like a pretty good match to me! And he’s a nice guy and a great presenter!

In addition to what Hunter is doing in the gym, I’ll be adding my swim, bike & run accuracy results once my Whoop 4 arrives.

Hunter’s latest set of tests is all with Whoop worn on the BICEP, which is typically the best place for an accurate HR track for optical devices, though sometimes the stresses and strains of cross-fit cause errors in even the best of heart rate monitors.

For some of my tests, I’ll probably also wear Whoop on the underside of my wrist as I seem to get better results there, although my aim for my own stats will be to always wear it with a Whoop arm sleeve during exercise.

1. Whoop on the Bicep in Cross Fit

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2. Whoop on the Wrist in the gym

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Here are some results from earlier tests

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And here are Hunter’s first impressions based on his first tests. These results weren’t so good but the video is entertaining and worth a watch!



Take Out

Much better results from Whoop 4 when used on the bicep, although not perfect.

If I’m honest, I expected these results and they have now dismissed any lingering doubts I had about more serious problems (I still have to start my own testing).

If you are a cross-fitter it looks like Whoop 4 is good to go for you and your many and varied exertions. HOWEVER, you will be best advised to get an arm sleeve. FWIW: I already ordered mine when I ordered Whoop 4, they’re EXPENSIVE but they will be better than wearing the regular band because…

a. Your regular band won’t get sweaty…that will be reserved for the Arm Sleeve; &

b. The arm sleeve also ‘talks’ to Whoop 4 and cleverly the wear position is recorded by this smart Garment!

Finally, this is GREAT NEWS for Whoop as they are the de-facto tech solution for the Cross-Fit community. It’s always nice to have a de-facto device that actually works accurately!

Full Details: Whoop Review & Full Accuracy Tests

Summary: Phew !!!!!!


when is whoop shipping?
Order Now: Get Whoop Free with a free month subscription too! Yep, really

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13 thoughts on “more WHOOP 4.0 Accuracy Results – Bicep Strap, GYM Results | FitGearHunter

  1. I does not seem that the WHOOP 4 is better than a Apple Watch in terms of accuracy. However, Whoop as a system is competitive with Apple Watch. But then you must wear it 24/7.

  2. Ha! Love it – thanks for putting up. And yes the Whoop 4.0 when worn on the bicep is more accurate than the AW on the wrist.

    Thanks again!

  3. But for strength training is this the way to go? HR stuff seems bad at gauging strain for this kind of exercises…

      1. Yes, just not sure if it will be integrated on Whoop or if you’ll still need the Push band during the workout. I’m guessing the former.

      2. yeah, good point.

        in the long run i guess they must be integrated as one device but would that be Whoop5? or are the sensors already on whoop 4 or, as you say, is it envisaged that you use both in the interim.

    1. I think strain for any type of workout is correctly assessed from a cardiovascular standpoint as long as the heart rate accuracy is correct. And obviously cannot assess and calculate strain based on load, but hopefully they will develop that overtime.

      And I can’t believe the shipping times. That is really tough to see. Total mess in organizational planning.

  4. No one is ever going to get one of these so what difference does it make? Whoop just upped the delivery dates yet again by another 4 weeks. It’s perpetually “9-11 weeks” now. Funny though, they didn’t mind making everyone agree to a 6 month service extension upfront when they knew full well they would never be able to deliver in the originally promised “4-6 weeks” which was months ago already. Don’t waste the time and money. Go with a competitor who knows how to run a business.

  5. Did a simulation just to test it out, they’re still saying 11 weeks for delivery… at least have the decency to not charge for shipping, but still… almost 3 freaking months!

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