Cycplus M2 Review – super cheap, quite pretty, basic bike computer

Cycplus M2 Bike Computer ReviewCycplus M2 Review – entry-level bike computer

You were probably attracted to the Cycplus M2 because of its novel looks and low price tag, this is a balanced review that likes the product but urges you to set realistic expectations

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Cycplus M2 Review


The Cycplus M2 is a basic, entry-level bike computer which doubles as a great spare that you might use on a commuting bike. It captures almost all sensor data but doesn’t let you see it presented like with a Garmin or Wahoo. Near zero customisation is possible. Yet I still like it.

Cycplus M2 Bike Computer featured

There is huge CYCPLUS branding taking up just about all of the screen (well a fair bit at the top ;-)). What’s the point in trying to get your branding known if few people will buy it? Much better to create a thought-through product that owners talk to friends about. This is an idiotic branding strategy, childish at best. Yet I still like the overall look of the product with its crisp, readable display and unusually chic, circular form factor.

The display lets you toggle between NOW, AVERAGE and MAXIMUM versions of key display metrics, which in turn come from the inbuilt GPS plus any external sensor you also have such as cadence, HR, speed or power meters. You get battery status, time of day and temperature information too but that’s it. If you want the largest number on the screen to be speed (km/h or mph) then you will be super happy. But if you want the main number on the screen to be anything else, like power, then it’s simply not possible. It’s a take-it-or-leave-it product. But again, I kinda like it in a way. It probably gives you what you need and does it in a super-simple, idiot-proof way. After 5 minutes of familiarisation, you will find it impossible to be confused by this bike computer.

The Cycplus M2 uses a standard Garmin mount; supports ANT+ sensor and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to the partner app; has a 30-hour battery life charged via a USB-C connector; the GNSS chip supports, GPS and GLONASS; and is IPX6 waterproof.

Buy Now On Amazon: GBP42 (Wow!!), Eur 57, USD 50

5% off with code THE5KRUNNER



  • Cheap
  • Connects to common sensor types (pwr, spd, cad, hr)
  • Garmin mount
  • Good battery life
  • Clear, readable screen


  • Almost zero customisation is possible
  • Minimal app (but links to Strava, TP, and Apple)
  • Inappropriately large branding spoils the looks

Tip 1: Press and hold the top right button to change units of measure and other very basic display options.

Tip 2: Use the XOSS app for the initial setup (the one that has a similar icon to Twitter/X). Update your firmware then link to Strava as soon as possible and never use the app again. Just stick to #Strava

Tip 3: Top left button to start the workout, bottom left to end.

Tip 4: Update firmware, pair sensors and link to other cycling data platforms only with the XOSS app


I’m assuming that XOSS and Cycplus are from the same family of companies. XOSS also make bike computers but don’t let that fool you. The app is basic, but it’s also free.

The app DOES report all the metrics from your workout as well as lets you connect sensors to the Cycplus M2, you even get a map of where you’ve been but there is very little analysis possible. For some people, this is all you will ever need. Other possibilities are to sync the XOSS app with Apple Healthkit (limited), Training Peaks and Strava. I was also pleasantly surprised to be able to export FIT files from the app.

CYCPLUS M2 Technical Specifications

CycPlus ModelM2G1M1
ANT+ SensorSpeed, cadence, heart rate, powerNoSpeed, cadence, heart rate, power
Bluetooth SensorNoNoNo


Cycplus M2 – Manufacturer Overview Video

Cycplus M2 Accuracy

It just about does the job. Sometimes the GPS tracks can appear jagged when travelling at higher speeds as it appears that one GPS point per second is recorded but the resulting track is not smoothed in the XOSS app.

Cycplus M2 Bike Computer Hero

Cycplus M2 Review – Takeout

Not everyone needs the latest, greatest piece of full-featured tech. If you need a super basic, decent-looking bike computer then this is a cheap and good enough place to start. Please be aware of the negatives that I’ve highlighted elsewhere in this review. The biggest downside, I reckon, is that you just can’t customise its appearance.

Buy Now On Amazon: GBP42 (Wow!!), Eur 57, USD 50

5% off with code THE5KRUNNER

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3 thoughts on “Cycplus M2 Review – super cheap, quite pretty, basic bike computer

  1. Does anyone make a “Garmin mount watchband adapter?” I ask, as this NEARLY answers a very common cry across Reddit in forums like PolarFitness “is there a CHEAP sportswatch that can simply display HR data from my <insert HR chest strap here, Polar H10 for example"…
    If someone like this, could make it into a watch format, and allow customizing the fields to show HR in the largest field, they'd have a small hit on their hands. Anyhow, interesting, not getting rid of my Stages Dash anytime soon, LOL, but someone may find value here.

  2. This review must be a joke.
    I bought this device 1 year ago for fun and immediately gave to my nephew (children).
    It is so big maybe older people can only value.
    But the worst thing is the GPS accuracy: under trees it is immediately loose signal and shows inaccurate speed. And not only in forest but on the street.
    Typical Chinese quality and design.

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