Big Coros Update – Plans, HRV and more

Big Coros Update – November 2023

The pace of new features added by Coros is finally slowing down a little but there’s still a nice large chunk of new stuff here for everyone ranging from Tailored Marathon Plans, HRV, and Custom Activities, to Weather Widgets

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Tailored Marathon Plans

Generic marathon plans tend to work reasonably well because they suit the targets for most people’s physiology whilst using widely proven training principles. Coros adds a twist here, giving the plans a more personalised feel based on your current fitness and recent training history. The plan adds to your digital calendars and is suitable for those who are slower than 3:30:00.0/26.2 miles.


when you wear your watch to bed, HRV is determined overnight to assess your body’s response to the stresses of recent days and weeks.


Custom Activity

Custom Activity lets you create and personalise your sports tracking experience.

Weather Widget

Amongst other things, the widget shows forecasts for wind speed, humidity and UV over the next 6 hours or 7 days. The forecast is only updated when your watch connects to the app.

Turn by Turn-by-turn alerts

Turn-by-turn alerts appear at the top of the watch screen when following a synced route.

Navigation Optimisations

Map contrast has been improved and paved cycling and running are also added.

Additional Updates

  • Choose a slope/grade for your treadmill workouts to track elevation gain.
  • Optimised Contact Support interface for quicker answers.
  • Sync body weight directly from Apple Health.
  • Use the touch screen and tap to confirm actions for COROS VERTIX 2, COROS APEX 2, and COROS APEX 2 Pro.
  • Support for strength training laps as short as 3 seconds, perfect for hangboard workouts so climbers can train at their limit.

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Take Out

Coros has filled some relatively obvious gaps in its current set of features where the existing watch hardware capabilities allow.

The HRV feature looks basic but is a starting point for more involved insights.

The weather widget and TBT feature look nice but present no additional insights compared to the competition.

The only thing that did initially interest me was the personalised marathon training plan. What Coros has achieved here is a good start but I’m sure that runners faster than 3 and a half hours will also be interested in personalised marathon plans. So let’s hope they expand the offering a bit more, I reckon that would be a new feature that could sneak them a few extra sales.


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2 thoughts on “Big Coros Update – Plans, HRV and more

  1. I always appreciate the progress Coros offers! Thx for this info!!!
    Do you know if the new HRV tracking affects the import I can do to HRV4Training these days? At the moment it is based on the one time measurements you take with the ECG function. But now there are many HRV data collected through the night…

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