parkrun removes speed records from website

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parkrun removes speed records from website

After a long consultation process, parkrun has removed speed records and some other stats from its event pages. But don’t worry YOUR stats are still there behind the scenes.

I thought I’d nip this story in the bud as several other sources, like the BBC are sensationalising it, making the impact out to be something it isn’t and trying to whip up gender-related fervour.

parkrun told this site:

As parkrun has grown over the years we have made many changes to our digital communication including things such as layout, design, imagery and the language we use – and will continue to do so as we evolve,

We try hard to make sure the information we share is consistent with our values, and that, in all that we do, we continue to find ways to remove barriers to registration and participation.

We know that our websites are an important source of information for all parkrunners, especially those who are new and yet to take part, and we therefore established a global working group to consider how we can present data in a way that is not off-putting and doesn’t imply that parkrun is a race.

This project group has spent many months now making detailed investigations and recommendations.

What was clear is that there was a disconnect between the performance data displayed so prominently on the site, and our mission to create opportunities for as many people as possible to take part in parkrun events – especially those who are anxious about activities such as parkrun, but who potentially have an enormous amount to gain. [parkrun]

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What’s Changed

It’s only the introductory page for each event that has changed.

Simply put, the following images show a ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot of the Bushy Park event page. Only performance-related stats are removed ie ones that indicate that parkrun is a race, of sorts.




My Take


The whole point of parkrun is to get people off the sofa and the parkrun at Bushy Park (Richmond, London) has managed to do that for over 86,000 people. Which must be a great thing in anyone’s books.

parkrun is specifically referred to as an ‘event’ rather than a ‘race’ and the charity’s stated aims are linked to increasing community activity levels. On that basis, I have zero issues with removing tiny amounts of performance-related data from the event pages as this may well put off a few people…and that’s a few too many even if a very small number.

People like me who ARE interested in their performance stats still have all that info.

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  1. parkrun have removed the most events leaderboard too. parkrun is supposed to be for everyone. There’s a reason I’m on a 110 run tourist streak: To move up that leaderboard. Now it’s gone and I’m annoyed. It has nothing to do with the gender debate.

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