4iiii PRECISION – Production Update

Exciting news for those of you awaiting your PRECISION power meter, delivery within a few weeks. For those of you who don’t know what they are: $400, accurate, crank-based power meter(s) that can work in pairs or alone. BTLE and ANT+.     ————————- News Below Direct From 4iiii————- You have been asking, waiting and trusting that…

4iiii Precision >99% Accurate Power Meter BTLE ANT

This kind gent seemed to know a thing or two about the 4iiii PRECISION power meter. Multi-channel, super accurate >99%, left/right/both options, 200 hours battery and US$400+sales tax (GBP TBC probably 350-400 inc VAT). Is it any good though? (It’s glued to the inside of a flat non-carbon crank) 99% accuracy sounds pretty good to me!