Catching up on missed 5k training – same for tri?

Strength Training Circuit-2
Strength Training Circuit-2 (Photo credit: Phil Manker)

Injury seems to be inevitable for many of us. It can be bad luck, over-training, a lack of strength training or stretching…or many other things. Anyway if/when it happens what do you do? At least regarding missed training.

If someone’s done you a plan (hint, hint I do personalised coaching!) then tell that person. Typically your training load will be fairly high/close to optimum, week-on-week. So having some time off will free up a bit of extra capacity in your body BUT certainly not enough to cram in every missed session.

for a couple of sessions or 3 or 4 I would take the hit and then get back on the program as if you’d done the missed sessions.

Same would apply for a week or two’s missed training. For each of those missed weeks I would add in ONE longer session that you missed into the forthcoming week.

Any more than that and you need to drop back down a notch and start building up again.

It also depends during which part of your plan your injury happens. Closer to race day the bigger the problem.

A couple of years back leading up to a duathlon I got a week long injury right in the peak training week. I biked through it but really upped my speedwork into my taper. Result? Bad. Although a couple of weeks after my race I peaked rather nicely. Shame, really.

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