the new Urban parkrun alternative

Steps close upThe nice guys and girls over at Salomon have had a rather neat idea. I guess based loosely on parkrun. But hey you can only run with squirrels and deer so many times so why not fit in a bridge or some other urban component. A bit of urban hill training? or urban fartlek?

Well of course if you live ‘in town’ those urban components might be close and all around you….unlike the larger parks.

AND there’s FREE stuff!! Well, that’ll get me to go at least 🙂

This is a link to the website explaining more about it.

Here is some of the press release:

Every city has paved trails populated by people following the same path, but within this network of paths there are cut-throughs, steps, bridges and varying surfaces to be found. CityTrail is about incorporating these varied features into your daily routine, breaking away from the herd and injecting variety into your run.

To help you achieve this, the Salomon CityTrail team will be on hand in urban parks in 13 cities around the UK this summer, marking out 5km and 2km courses devised by insiders from local running shops. The routes will suit all level of runners and will take in as many hidden spots, great views and points of interest as possible. There’ll be a pool of over 500 pairs of Salomon trail shoes and a batch of Suunto GPS watches to try out, plus professional trail runners to chat to and get advice from.


  • Cardiff 10th
  • Bath 11th
  • Guildford 18th
  • London 24th and 25th (25th women only)
  • Chester 31st



  • Manchester 1st
  • Sheffield 7th
  • York 8th
  • Newcastle 14th



  • Edinburgh 4th (women only)
  • Edinburgh 5th
  • Stirling 6th
  • Belfast 26th
  • Dublin 27th

It’s free to join in. Simply pre-register at and when you get there, you’ll be given a free set of Superfeet insoles plus a delicious 9bar. It’s time to elevate your run and bring on the fun.


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    1. sorry i only get the press release, I guess it depends on takeup. If only ten turned up for the first 20 parkruns I guess eve they would not exist now. But I fancy a jog around a big city maybe a bit of parkour thrown in ?!

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