STRYD Live – the light Version for normal runners and zwift runners

STRYD Live Zwift
– look at the cable

STRYD Live is the new, lower-cost version of STRYD. It’s very similar to the existing STRYD footpod but without the power metric. So there will be no review.

It has been released specifically to coincide with the announcement for the 2018 free access to Zwift Run. ie specifically for Zwift compatibility.


STRYD Live. The Zwift Run announcement then leads into the linked PR announcement of the $100 STRYD Live footpod. DCR says the price should be $50. Maybe he is right for the price that people will pay to use a footpod for Zwift Run at a GYM? Personally, I don’t think that will be a huge market. Commenters on this blog and people I know will for sure spend $100 on STRYD Live but only because it is a super-accurate source of distance and live pace for outdoor use. Sure they’d like a cheaper one but many baulked at $200 (and many also did NOT baulk at $200 for STRYD) and $80-$100 is more a price that they can see a benefit from. Arguments comparing the price of STRYD Live to MilestonePod and Garmin pods are flawed as the latter need: calibration at different paces; and BLE/ANT+ compatibility. Furthermore, the displayed pace stability of STRYD is just simply better than MilestonePOD and Garmin’s pods. Sure you can eventually calibrate a Garmin pod to match your treadmill’s pace but: is the treadmill pace right (probably not); if you change pace will either be ‘right’ (probably not); On the whole, STRYD ‘just works’ in these scenarios…an extra $50 is worth how much of your time calibrating and faffing around?


STRYD is a foot-worn running pod that works with many Sports Watches using BLE or ANT+. It is generally recognised as an accurate running pod. Probably the most accurate running pod.

The original footpod version has a power metric and additional gait metrics.

RunPow STRYD RunScribe Comparison Review Features
Yes I have a drawer just for pods.

What’s Changed?

There is nothing particularly ‘new and improved’ with STRYD LIVE.

STRYD LIVE is  a cut down version for regular runners who are not interested in RUNNING POWER and who might also be interested in  ZWIFT. The cost is kept low by the introduction of a wired charging cable/port (actually that’s probably better IMHO)

Yes!!! It’s just a footpod.


However I am VERY excited.

There are lots of you who just aren’t interested in POWER as a running metric. Most normally you want ACCURATE distance recording and/or accurate INSTANT pace. $/£/Eu200 for the ‘full’ STRYD may have been too much for you.

But at $99 STRYD Live is a very attractive proposition, in my opinion.


The problem might be that STRYD are producing STRYD LIVE in limited quantities. That could just be the marketing line and if they sell out they could make some more. I don’t know.

But “When they’re gone…they COULD well be gone.”


STRYD Live is being marketed by STRYD as ‘just for zwift’.

STRYD LIVE has the same ANT+/BLE compatability with Polar, Garmin and Suunto that exists as for STRYD (non-LIVE version, excl. power-related metrics)

What’s great?

The accuracy is good. I was on the track a couple of night’s ago. I was doing 1 mile reps at various speeds and had the autolap set to 1km. The beep happened within 1-3m of the start of the back straight EVERY time. And that was probably because of the deviation of my running line rather than an uncalibrated STRYD under-estimating distance.

When STRYD is paired as a footpod and set as the source of distance and pace (Garmin environment) then the instant pace shown on the watch is ACCURATE AND STABLE, in my  opinion.


MetricsPace, distance, cadence, vertical oscillation, ground timePower, form power, leg stiffness, pace, distance, cadence, vertical oscillation, ground time
Battery lifeExcellentExcellent
Zwift CompatibileYesYes
Stryd InsightsNoYes
BuyBuy Stryd Live on this page for $99Get STRYD here for $100 more
STRYD Live is limited edition pod specifically designed to be used on Zwift. STRYD is a running power pod designed for runners and triathletes.

Discounts, Availability and current pricing

STRYD LIVE is initially only available directly from STRYD in the USA. I will update this if New gets stock in the UK. As it’s a limited production run, this might not happen. There will be import duties for you to import into the EU.


ESSENTIAL READING: STRYD Review – In Detail, Every Aspect

I partner directly with STRYD in the USA and their distributor New Running Gear in the EU. The images below take you through to whatever current deal on STRYD there is at any given time in the USA/Canada. Thank you!

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Best REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. .

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10 thoughts on “STRYD Live – the light Version for normal runners and zwift runners

  1. At $50 I’d definitely get one to replace my Garmin footpod and my Milestone Pod. At $99, dunno…

    I’ve been wondering, has anyone tried (and managed) to figure out Stryd auto-calibrates when no one else it seems has been able to figure it out ? At the end of the day it’s a bunch of mems accelerometers and firmware…and with no outside reference how can it cater to different running styles ? Or do you have to give it at least one reference point with distance on a track and then it will figure it out ? Because that’s the other (biggest) problem with my footpods, the calibration only works for a pace range, say 4’45-5’15/km but outside that the distances (and pace) will start to “drift”.

  2. Did they (Stryd or Garmin) fix the reported compatibility issues with Fenix 5? I bought a MilestonePod but had continual problems with realtime BLE and a Fenix 5. I would like an accurate footpod, but I still find $100 a bit high and also live outside the US. If it was $50-$60 I’d be more tempted.

    1. It’s a garmin issue.
      garmin have FCC approval for a redesigned antennae…not in production yet AFAIK
      there could also be a fenix 5 plus version (presumably also with the connectivity fix)

    2. Unofficially, yes. Officially, they recommend F5x or 935. I had email correspondence with Stryd support and they aren’t getting many customer complaints anymore and the rep personally claimed that he uses an F5 with Stryd without dropouts.

      There were firmware updates to Stryd to increase the transmit power and Garmin to improve signal processing.

      I have 0 dropouts with a Garmin RD pod that I started using relatively recently, which gives me some confidence that things are working generally with ANT+. I have reasonable expectation based on my correspondence that Stryd should work with my F5 at this point. At $100, I feel like it isn’t too great of a loss if it doesn’t, so I ordered one.

    3. I live in Africa so there is a bit of a wait when ordering and no realistic way to return items.

  3. I have no issue paying $99 for the Stryd Live, but I don’t understand how Stryd is going to charge an extra $100 to “upgrade” to Stryd power on a cheaper built pod. I don’t necessarily care about wireless charging, but it’s the principal of selling less for the same price as the original pod.

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