new look STRYD app

Stryd's new look Apple Watch app is now live and works on all the Apple Watch…

new Stryd Features for 2024/25 Hinted At by Recent Research

A re-assuring insight that Stryd continues to develop the product.

Suunto Gets ADVANCED Stryd Running Dynamics Metrics & More

Often there is the "So What?" factor to these metrics.

Midweek Triathlon, Endurance and Tech Stories…on Thursday

Today's stories include Stryd, T100 triathlon, Eight Sleep and an up to 50% SRAM sale.

Stryd Footpath – Adds first major new feature – Mapping Visualisation

...a deeper understanding of running.

Stryd Get More Scientific Accuracy Validation

Stryd delivers a stable, sensitive, and reliable metric

15% STRYD Cyber Monday Discount – UK / EU / USA / Global

Biggest Ever 15% STRYD Discount - Ends Today

STRYD Review, 10,000km Update – (Dual-) Running Power ⚡ Pod

A detailed, hands-on review of the Stryd running power meter footpod now dual-sided with built-in wind…

Stryd – next gen Garmin Data Field 2.0 – A SIGNIFICANT Improvement

Stryd Zones 2.0 - many new, advanced features added to the latest data field

STRYD FOOTPATH – quick overview plus Example

FOOTPATH is an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use tool. It's quick, flexible and shows interesting, novel data.…

Stryd Duo – Getting Started

How to upgrade to a dual-side Stryd in the Garmin environment.

new Stryd Duo – Dual-sided running power pods – First Thoughts

Adding a second, current generation Stryd pod gives dual-sided power metrics and dual-sided gait metrics PLUS…