Top end Garmin Fails to Support Iconic Swimrun

This has been a bug bear of mine for several years and finally I have proper excuse to support my argument.

ÖTILLÖ is an intriguing super Aquathlon. Basically lots of mad Swedes swimming from island to island and running around a lot. Soemthing like 10k of swimming and 65k or running. Ouch!

If it was a bit (read: ‘a lot’) shorter I would really like to do such an event for a bit of fun.

2016 will also see a qualifier in the UK. Maybe elsewhere too. (Isles of Scilly)

However my Garmin 920XT…the top-of-the-range one. Would not be able to support my efforts. It cannot handle sufficient swim+run segments.

That functionality needs to be added as it will also benefit MANY more people who do multiple-leg brick workouts (like me).

Rant over. Thanks Pierre for pointing out that it’s on the Fenix 3. I’m officially holding my breath – despite first raising it with Garmin, along with others, re the 910 about 3 years ago!


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6 thoughts on “Top end Garmin Fails to Support Iconic Swimrun

  1. The 920XT is technically below the Fenix 3 which had support added for this a few months back (on the beta at least, not sure on the normal FW). For this reason I’d expect 920XT support to be imminent as it usually lags a few months.

  2. ok i had an email from Garmin saying they had no facility for swim run last week! I raced at Otillo on monday with athletes that have the App and its awesome!! Still can’t work out how to get it on my watch and Garmin saying its not possible!!! frustrating !!!!!

    1. •Added support for Swimrun App (Settings > Apps > Swimrun) – fenix v6.95
      i’m a bit busy to look right now but i’m 99% sure there was something on the 920 about a months ago where you could add repeating segments on the 920???? I even tried it out AND I didn’t have a fenix at the time so i’m not getting watches confused…actually I did have a 735, maybe it was on that.

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