A week in: Triathlon, Tri Gadgets & Related Tech

Vitality North London Half Marathon 2015

Vitality North London Half Marathon 2015 – Click For Info

A week in: Triathlon, Tri Gadgets & Related Tech, is some of the more interesting bits that flash up on my screen during the week. It could be: some interesting article on triathlon training; a new activity tracker; a new swim watch; a race; or a reminder on a new bit of software or firmware for one of your devices.

Thank you to everyone who drops me a line with interesting titbits. There’s a huge amount of information out there that’s more than a few people can keep tabs of. [Catchup: Here is last week’s]

Ambit4 Suunto-CONCEPT

AMBIT4 Concept – Source: Mihail Shelkunov (https://www.behance.net/Shmv)

  1. I’d missed this crank length and ANT+ comms update for bePro last week.
  2. Lezyne’s update for the Power- and Super-GPS bike computers
  3. Slew of Garmin fixes including: 225 (BTLE bug fixes), Edge 20/25 (GPS accuracy updates) and Edge 1000/520 (minor things like Virb/Varia).
  4. Thought provoking training peaks article about myths of winter base building.
  5. 920XT beta firmware to enable additional Running Dynamics with HRM3/4-RUN/TRI
  6. Polar A360 android smart notifications update and instant HR display.

Stuff from the5krunner.

A selection of stuff from the5krunner’s week – normally ranges from ‘not very interesting’ to ‘quite interesting’.

There probably won’t be anything too exciting now until the New Year. Althought January promises several new product announcement.

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