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Just when I had compartmentalised RUNSCRIBE as more of a proprietary professional gait-metric tool, they go and change it all.

RUNSCRIBE PLUS is announced today (more details here at It’s a similar shell to the original RUNSCRIBE but quite different on the inside.

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One of the earlier criticisms of the original product was that they could have opened up their product and their metrics to broadcast to running watches. The most obvious way to a mass market was over ANT+ to Garmin running/tri watches Yet my opinion was that what they had was pretty good for the purpose they intended…ie more advanced runners or coaches looking at detailed gait metrics.

WELL. Rather than making a U-turn or a left-turn they seem to have made the RIGHT turn. They now produce a power metric (in beta at launch) and they support Garmin CIQ and write their pre-existing metrics to the FIT files.This means that ALL their data will show in Garmin Connect BUT it also means that the likes of SPORTTRACKS and GOLDENCHEETAH should ‘just work’ with these new metrics as those platforms support the extensible FIT file format. Presumably TP and others are the same.

Basically you get to look at DUAL-SIDED RUNNING POWER IN REAL TIME – PLUS lots of cool stuff

But that’s turning in to a big market as STRYD has shown; so … cool move.

There are also some ‘peripheral‘ improvements:

Supported Watches


What to watch out for

I’m hoping to get my hands on a set early to test out the power. I’m not too bothered about it matching the absolute levels of power from my one-footed STRYD but I would like to see the two products agree on the relative changes in power levels. The two should be able to be compared though as RunScribe can be heel-mounted in a cradle.

After that, to me, comes the ease of movement between the shoes. STRYD is easily movable BUT I suspect the plastic cradle only has a limited life of continual insert/removals. The existing RunScribe was always a little bit fiddly to change the cradle between shoes…let’s see what changes. Indeed CAN the RunScribe Plus produce meaningful data when attached to multiple DIFFERENT shoes?

Also of interest will be how the power data integrated with the existing ‘running power ecosystem’

Tech Specs & Tidbits

Source: RunScribe


The main battleground for ‘running with power’ is going to be on Garmin’s CIQ platform. It looks like late 2017 will see RunScribe taking on STRYD with the latter already an established player. Other entrants such as SHFT are possible but the real shift to the market would come IF Garmin produce hardware themselves. That could be next month, next year…or never.

If Garmin enter the market, their entry would validate the market and grow the overall market size just simply because of their presence and marketing muscle. They would likely have a premium product option. So STRYD and RunScribe still could see growth on Garmin devices even with Garmin as a direct competitor.

But it’s not just Garmin CIQ.

The Suunto and Polar platforms are more than just peripheral. With a sensible offering to those markets, supported properly by the platform vendors, RunScribe and STRYD should have that part of the overall market to themselves – Garmin Bluetooth sensors excepted. I get the sense that Suunto’s offering currently has more traction with power runners than Polar’s even though the latter might be close to a better overall power running solution.

But then are ‘just running power metrics’ enough? For me they are. But there will be others who will be interested in the analyses of other gait metrics from STRYD’s Power Center and yet others who will want to see the metrics in real-time from RunScribe. The Garmin Connect platform will never really offer any kind of analysis that those metrics demand. So, even then, a move into the market form Garmin might just add to the excitement rather than reduce the number of market players.

Interesting stuff.

More details (here) from

Finally. Just in case you were wondering how big the packaging was…



V3 PLUS Pricing: USA $250, UK/EU GBP250


If you want to get a pair of RunScribe pods now before my review (tut, tut) you can buy direct from RunScribe in the USA using the image links below or from NewRunningGear in the UK.


USA: 10% off Runscribe – Discount automatically applied
UK/EU distributor use 10% code SCtfk10 on checkout


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