Karoo 2 – 10 Reasons to ditch your Garmin Edge

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Hammerhead Karoo 2


Hammerhead Karoo 2 – Ditch Your Garmin Edge For Christmas?

If you’re looking to upgrade your Karoo 1, or if you are actively looking to get away from Garmin (Edge), or if you are looking for a new, sweet-looking bike computer then the Hammerhead Karoo 2 is probably going to be a good choice for you this Christmas. It’s been a hard year…you probably deserve a Karoo 2.

And if you get one as a present to yourself, then you almost certainly won’t be disappointed. However, there’s probably not that many people who fall into my categories, above. A nice number of people nevertheless, let’s say a nice round 5-figure range like 10,000+ sounds sensible. But for Lance Armstrong’s investment in Hammerhead to pay off there needs to be a step-change in the adoption of all-things-Karoo. That step change needs to take Karoo 2 to the more stratospheric levels of Wahoo, so we’re now talking BIG 5-figure numbers or even selling 100,000+ units. Forget the accuracy of those ‘illustrative’ numbers just take the point that there needs to be a seismic change.

Practice What You Preach – Will I Ditch My Garmin?

First off, I can’t see myself ever ditching my top-end Garmin tri watch (Garmin FR 945), whichever that might be at any given time over the next few years, I’m a Garmin realist and not a Garmin-hater; although I’m perfectly happy to seriously use some of the competitors’ products for extended periods (Polar Vantage). But when it comes to BIKE COMPUTERS then I have already ditched my Garmin. There’s very little wrong with the Edge 530/830/Edge 1030 Plus range, I’d just rather keep it reliably simple with a Wahoo Element Bolt.

Nevertheless, I’ve used the Karoo (v1) probably more than most other reviewers over the last few years as I got into the Karoo on the crest of the wave of its continued improvement rather than experiencing some of the trials and tribulations of the initial launch way-back-when. So I’ve always been impressed with the Karoo and I’ve always been impressed with the continual addition of new features. The Karoo 2 has the same base product features as Karoo 1 but in a smaller, equally-as-pretty shell. Once the Karoo 2 production units start flowing, I’m hoping for a great experience for the review. Personally, I’m not so bothered that there will now be smartphone notification display nor that I can get audible alerts when navigating…I don’t like smartphone notifications and I tend to know where I’m going…that’s me, it’s just that I’m never getting there quite as fast as I’d like to 😉

I suppose I might have used Karoo 1 a little more if it were smaller, and if it also supported native dropbox upload I would definitely have used it in a flash. But, again, that’s just ME and the idiosyncrasies of how I do things. Let’s move on to you and those 10 reasons to ditch your Garmin. It’s an interesting list because there probably isn’t a single feature which will wow you. Instead, what will wow you will be the usability and aesthetics. Surprisingly that doesn’t always shift product, surprisingly it’s that pesky 100 features long feature-list that tends to shift product off the shelves. You know, those 100 features that made you buy your last Garmin? Remember those? Yep, there were probably only about 10 of them that were important in reality. But I reckon, that 90% of you will have all your key features covered in the Hammerhead Karoo 2.

Plus, let’s face it, it really is not cool to have a Garmin; it’s a bit boring, really. You’re a person, not another number, right? If/when you get one you could join that exclusive club that only me and the ‘random lady on top of Box Hill‘ I met last year are members of. ie the only people I’ve seen using the Karoo are me and her. I’ve seen LOTS of Wahoo users…only one other Karoo user – actually I think it was 2 others, but that doesn’t make quite as good an impact when writing)!


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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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Simon Gentleman

Most of those ten reasons my Edge 530 does too. I’m no Garmin fan boy, but they are way ahead of the competition. I went for 530 because I never used the touch screen on my 810. I agree about not moving with the herd, to be aware of contrasts. Also, I totally agree about looks, aesthetics. The wahoo is so ugly, I wouldn’t buy on that reason alone. Edge 530 looks great on my bike. It’s also what the majority of the pro peloton use, I may be half their speed, but happy to look like I’m going faster!


The moment you mentioned that Lance Armstrong was involved I stopped. Never supporting him again in anything.

David H. Mckee

Nick nailed it, Lance has aligned himself and his brands with the current anti-police movemey and attempted liberalization of America. No thanks!


How does it compare to the Stages Dash? Not seeing anything here that the Dash hasn’t offered for awhile (since the spring update added, well, pretty much everything I’ve ever seen requested in a discussion on bike computers except pedaling the bike for you, LOL)


I used the Karoo 1 until March of this year. The connection to Di2 would constantly crash the Karoo when I had my power meter sensor enabled. It was a constant struggle with sensors in general, but was great at navigating. I finally sold both of ours and switched to the Edge 830.

Ken from Philly

I don’t understand. Is Karoo a watch or a bike computer?


Since the article is accompanied by a picture of a biker, I think it’s safe to assume this is about a bike computer.


There’s an old saying, “You don’t fix what isn’t broken” and my Garmin Edge Bike computer isn’t perfect.


Sorry about that is perfect. My Garmin has served me well for the last 5 years and I’m the type of person that has product loyalty and Garmin deserves that loyalty.

Keith Hughes

Well the Fact that the cheat, Armstrong is involved with Hammerhead I’ve suddenly lost interest.