Infinity Loops – straps for Apple Ultra 2, Watch 9, 8, 7, 6……

Infinity Loops has a full collection that must be 10x larger than what I've shown here

Garmin vs Apple – Watch Ultra 2, a new threat?

The threat to Garmin remains, Apple just failed to tighten the screw this year.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 – What it means for Sport alongside Series 9

Apple Watch ULTRA 2 offers almost nothing for sports and adventure enthusiasts. Literally almost nothing.

Apple Watch 9 – predictions from back in April. How did i fare?

redictions from back in April '23

first time! – 4iiii FindMy and Watch app support

It won't be an ideal location tracker, for sure, whichever method you use. However, the true…

Apple Watch 9 likely Specifications – Opinion

2024 will be an exciting year for Apple with more new models, new screen tech and…

watchOS 10 – how to pair bike sensors – cadence, speed, power

Apple has gone well above and beyond that almost offering a complete solution for all the…

watchOS 10 – a surprisingly good mixture of PRO and TRIVIAL sports features

Power Meters, POI support and complex structured workouts from Training Peaks - what's not to like?

Apple’s AI, watchOS, and the Anticipated Launch of Mixed-Reality Headset at WWDC: A Game-Changer in the Making?

Sports awesomeness will be lacking at WWDC unless VR/ML jumps in there. Apple Watch owners WILL…

Garmin Struggle For Watch Market Share on iOS

Garmin only has a 7% Share of iOS: On one level, that stat is alarming for…

Ergatta Rower links to Apple Watch

Apple Watch connects with the rower via Bluetooth with just a tap before workouts.

Apple adds Walking Power to Outdoor Ultra Runs

Other material problems for Ultra athletes planning to use the Watch Ultra include the lack of…