Ultimate Performance Silicon Toe Protectors for running

Ultimate Performance UP Silicon Toe ProtectorAs the well-known mutant-footed compatriot of the5krunners I tested and penned some thoughts on the Ultimate Performance Toe Protectors

This is a product I never new existed and yet turns out to be rather handy (well footy).

Ultimate Performance (UP) Toe Protectors are made of high-grade silicon and are designed to cover a single toe at a time. They are approximately 1 inch or 3 cm long and can be cut to size.

Ultimate Performance UP Silicon Toe Protector: You get 2 in a pack. I got a free pack to review. Thank you tfk and UP!

As it happened a month before I received these samples I had the pleasure of completing this year’s second Half Marathon. Joy! as I finished with a very painful toe which, over the next week or so, developed a rather nice bruise underneath the nail which then (the nail) eventually fell off. The falling off process was surprisingly NOT painful – unlike the original injury.

First problem. as you can see from the image I have 2 mutant webbed toes, quite small.

Ultimate Performance UP Silicon Toe Protector

Ultimate Performance UP Silicon Toe Protector


I seem to get this sort on ‘injury’ either when I run half marathon type distances OR when I wear running shoes that are 1 size too big. The latter is not as silly as it sounds as most running shops seem to recommend to me to wear one-size-too-big shoes to accommodate foot expansion whilst running. I don’t think my feet expand that much and I have found through trial and error that a half size ‘too big’ is what I need.

Anyway I still fairly often run >HM distances and wear those shoes that are one size too big that I happen to have bought.

So with my new cut-down-to-size (second image) toe protectors I’m good to go. A simple pair of scissors sufficed.

After 2x 10mile+ runs I can successfully report no bruising and all toe nails intact.

The toe protectors are VERY soft and slippery to the touch and yet do easily stay on the toe. If you were so-inclined I imagine you could put them on your big toe or fingers. You’d need very small fingers though.

Other shapes and sizes are available, including ones for the toes. These are shown if you click-through to Amazon, below.

Cost: Generally less than US$/GBP£5.00

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