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Withings Go
Withings Go

OK it’s cheap and cheerful coming in at $70/£50ish, it’s got that in it’s favour. I’m not even going to bother to look at the probably decent specs.

It just looks AWFUL. Wearables need to be wareable. My nephews/nieces wouldn’t wear one. I wouldn’t wear one. May Grandma wouldn’t wear one. I wouldn’t force a 6 year old to wear one? (In fact a 6 year old could easily have designed the aesthetics of this one).

Who exactly is the target market? Presumably the designer’s close friends and family. Has the concept been market tested?

It doesn’t look futuristic. It looks awful and cheap. And to be honest I ‘m getting fed up with saying that about so-called ‘wearables’ – that no-one will wear other than for a day to thank the person that bought it for them.

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