New Garmin High Lumen Light

Source: FCC

This filing at the FCC suggests that Garmin have a high lumen bike light coming out soon. Not very exciting I suppose.

One piece of info that raised my interest level to ‘tepid’ was the apparent inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity. There’s a Bluetooth icon if you dig deep enough but otherwise it is officially listed as a “High lumen light, ANT+ Transmitter”. Other than battery status what would it transmit over ANT+? RADAR?

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4 thoughts on “New Garmin High Lumen Light

  1. I would like Bluetooth but personally i can’t seen the bluetooth icon on the back and the “manual” mentions no BLE available.
    Maybe for the other readers: Charging via micro USB (light has internal 18650 lithium ion rechargeable cell)
    Ant control for: On/Off, Battery Status, Beams (High/Low/..) and Selection of modes.
    Support by Garmins Edge series

    1. Bluetooth logo is on the frequency range, but it could be just a glitch from the web page, as the frequency used for ANT+ is similar.

      Also, as the USB port is only for charging the unit, Bluetooth could probably be there for updates purposes.

      But definitely, not a varia radar replacement.

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