New Garmin High Lumen Light

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Source: FCC

This filing at the FCC suggests that Garmin have a high lumen bike light coming out soon. Not very exciting I suppose.

One piece of info that raised my interest level to ‘tepid’ was the apparent inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity. There’s a Bluetooth icon if you dig deep enough but otherwise it is officially listed as a “High lumen light, ANT+ Transmitter”. Other than battery status what would it transmit over ANT+? RADAR?

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Looks like a single LED bike light thats Ant+ controllable. So a replacement for the Varia Smart Bike Light. LED tech keep improving and they haven’t updated in awhile so maybe more then 600 lumens now with using less power. Don’t see any bluetooth logos

USB doesn’t transfer any data:
And pics of it:


I would like Bluetooth but personally i can’t seen the bluetooth icon on the back and the “manual” mentions no BLE available.
Maybe for the other readers: Charging via micro USB (light has internal 18650 lithium ion rechargeable cell)
Ant control for: On/Off, Battery Status, Beams (High/Low/..) and Selection of modes.
Support by Garmins Edge series

Eduardo Mateos

Bluetooth logo is on the frequency range, but it could be just a glitch from the web page, as the frequency used for ANT+ is similar.

Also, as the USB port is only for charging the unit, Bluetooth could probably be there for updates purposes.

But definitely, not a varia radar replacement.