Wahoo ELEMNT & BOLT – New Firmware FIXES

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Some relatively longstanding bugs have been ironed out with Wahoo ELEMNT (reviewed here) and BOLT firmware. Specifically I know the Assioma and PowerTap problems were somewhat annoying for a notable section of users. Anyway; all should now be good: Details are (link to: WahooFitness for firmware versions WF09-1937 & WF42-1937)

My workaround to ‘recover sensor connection’ was to press the left/system button and then press it again, this seemed to reconnect a PM.

Here is the same info, repeated below:


BOLT WF09-1937 – 3 June, 2018

  • FIXED: Favero Assioma average power and cadence incorrect
  • FIXED: PowerTap hub power meter data low
  • FIXED: Issue where user has to resync starred segments before each ride
  • FIXED: Current grade data could fluctuate on a steady climb
  • FIXED: bug with Garmin Vector power meter calibration
  • FIXED: bug causing issues with GPS accuracy during long rides (6+ hours)
  • FIXED: bug causing sensor disconnects and failure to recover sensor connection after disconnect
  • Revise French translation for new lap


  • FIXED: ‘Take me to’ feature unable to search for specific addresses
  • FIXED: Ability to enable automatic uploads not working
  • FIXED: MapBox crash when changing pages
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