Polar Global H10 gets ANT+ compatability

Polar H10 H7Polar have now added and made available Garmin’s ANT+ compatibility to their top-end H10 heart rate strap. The new feature pretty much does what it says on the tin and you can get it now via the Polar FLOW app. The same update will be available through Polar BEAT shortly.

If you never intend to use ANT+ then this firmware is still worth the update as there are supposedly ‘performance improvements’ also contained.  You would be wise to update on that basis and then, perhaps, turn off ANT+ which is on by default. ANT+ can be turned off the in the Polar BEAT APP.

Here is the ffomal notice  Polar.com.

The ‘new’ Polar OH1+ saw a similar move with the armband oHR sensor getting ANT+ along with the ‘+’ suffix.

Putting running dynamics and some detailed aspects of caching to one side, Polar probably has the best HRMs on sale right now and they will work with pretty much any recent device you have. You might see reviewers like me doing accuracy tests but there are other who have looked at the accuracy of the H10 for medical and sports-research purposes and reckon the H10 is THE MOST ACCURATE (I can’t reveal those sources as they don’t want to go public)


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