Apple Watch – OS5 – State of Independence

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The Apple Watch is to become more independent from the iPhone, starting off with its own separate app store. This will start as iOS 12 moves to iOS 13 for the iPhone and as Watch OS 5 moves to Watch OS 6. The Apple Watch 5 (five) was NOT announced…that will likely be September.

In line with moves by Fitbit, Garmin and others, Apple will also release a menstrual cycle tracker. As a part of that, there will be a ‘fertility window’ predictor. Sniggers, as we all know what that means.


iTunes is to go to being diverted into Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. However, if you currently fill your Garmin Forerunner 945 Music from your PC’s iTunes library then, apparently, that will be unchanged on the Windows platform.

CNET also state these new pieces of excitement, some of which might be of relevance to sports. Perhaps we can get a “Windy with a 70% chance of cycling alert?

  • Accessibility settings on the watch
  • “Chance of rain” and “Wind” complications
  • Smart guidance in Maps
  • Shuffle workout playlist
  • Current elevation metric in workouts
  • Usage of Stopwatch app during workouts
  • Apple Podcasts stations
  • Spoken navigation in Maps
  • Shared list in Reminders
  • Dynamic smart replies
  • Shazam with Siri
  • Account login on watch
  • Cellular connectivity complication
  • Workout summary on watch
  • Tap to speak time
  • For You in Apple Music
  • Mute Mail threads
  • Siri web search results

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