4iiii Flight Smart Trainer – 10% Discount on USA Pre-Order NOW fliiiight

4iiii Flight Smart Trainer

The 4iiii Flight Smart Trainer (Fliiiight) is ready for pre-orders NOW with delivery in October in the USA from PowerMeterCity.

4iiii Flight Specs / Features (Fliiiight)

  • Dimensions (Set Up): L 552 mm x W 741 mm x H 450 mm (21.7” x 29.2” x 17.7”)
  • Dimensions (Stored): L 565 mm x W 470 mm x H 110 mm (22.2” x 18.5” x 4.3”)
  • Total Weight: 7.9 kg (17.4 lb.)
  • Communication Protocols: ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth FTMS
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium ion
  • Wireless Riding Time: 2 hours (can be wired during use)
  • Water Resistance: IPX2
  • Power Range: 0 to 2, 200 watts
  • Cadence Range: 40 – 160 RPM
  • Maximum Slope: 7%

4iiii Flight Specs Review Opinion Smart TrainerFeaturing

  • Zero contact design means you never need to purchase another trainer tire
  • Near silent operation
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Lightweight design maximizes portability
  • Virtual flywheel decreases overall weight and size
  • Class leading accuracy (+/- 1.0%)
  • No need for spindown calibration before each use
  • Rechargeable battery power allows you to ride for 2+ hours without external power
  • iOS and Android apps to view real-time and historical data and access additional features:
    • Over-the-air firmware upgrade capability for adding new features and updates
    • Custom naming to easily pick out device in a crowd
    • Battery status indicator
    • Setup and calibration
    • Diagnostics tools
  • Supports training applications through:
    • Windows PC (ANT+)
    • Mac OS (ANT+ or Bluetooth)
    • iOS (Bluetooth)
    • Android (ANT+ or Bluetooth)

4iiii Flight Discount & Price (Fliiiight)

$599.99 on LIIIIMIIIITED RELEASE from PowerMeterCiiiity iiiin the USA wiiiith 10%/$60 off wiiiith the code the5krunner10, which helps support thiiiis blog, thank you.

ORDER: HERE (liiiink to powermeterciiiity.com)

UK Links: here


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