Galerdo – Swim Tracker with Audio

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Galerdo Swim Tracker with Audio

OK the Galerdo swim tracker is a Kickstarter project but it looked interesting if you are putting in those miles in the pool in pursuit of your IM dream and need a bit of light entertainment coupled with audio feedback of some key metrics..

More details on Galerdo Swim Tracker:  here

The music is transmitted with bone conduction technology – like that used with the AfterShokz for running

to Kickstarter


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3 thoughts on “Galerdo – Swim Tracker with Audio

      1. It’s on their website that it works only in a standard 25-50 pool. I guess their AI algorithm relies heavily on pattern ‘reset’ with every turn at the end of the pool so that it can stop guessing what’s going on and start afresh.

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