WHOOP – 3rd party shows good sleep validation study

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whoop 3 review strap 2019 2020 reddit membership bicepA recent study of WHOOP by the Univesity of Arizona and published on PUBMED/Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, concludes that…

In healthy people, wearables can improve sleep quality and accurately measure sleep and cardiorespiratory variables.

Whilst that is superficially GOOD. Let’s dissect it a little

  • The study did show that WHOOP’s heart rate and breathing algorithms were accurate to +/-1bpm at resting (sleep) levels. That’s good to know but I assume not spectacular compared to competitive products.
  • The study also showed, to 95% accuracy, that using WHOOP did lead to an improvement in sleep quality as measured by PROMIS Sleep Disturbance – which is based on PATIENT RECORDED OUTCOMES.
  • Surprisingly it also showed low errors of deviance from sleep stages measured during polysomnography. Although that does assume that the latter is correct.

Finally, I’m not sure if there was an equally-motivated control group who were given instructions in another format on how to increase sleep quality.

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