Polar Grit X – gets notable new Firmware

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Polar Grit X – new Firmware

As of today, Polar Grit X owners should see some new watch firmware which also builds on a minor improvement made to Polar FLOW yesterday. Let’s start with the easy one

Polar Grit X Review Specifications

Polar FLOW Navigation

More info: Polar.com

Route navigation is ‘improved’ for all of Polar’s navigation-enabled devices which means the Polar Grit X, Polar V800, Polar Vantage V and the Polar V650. The change is on FLOW itself and the improvement is to the accuracy of created routes.

Polar Grit X – Firmware v1.2.5

More info: Polar.com

Polar lists the following improvements which are bug fixes. I’ve asked for clarification from Polar on several points relating to the GNSS (GPS) changes. The Grit X is acceptably accurate but some improvement would always be welcomed.

  • Fueling reminder sound and vibration modified to make reminders easier to notice
  • Back to start and route guidance displays functional at the same time
  • Crash at the end of a training session when the number of hills detected during the session is over 60, fixed
  • New Sony GNSS firmware
  • Stability improvements

Polar Grit X A Detailed Look

Polar Grit X Review


Polar Grit X Accuracy

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Polar Grit X Accuracy

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