Polar Vantage V2 Accuracy

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My Polar Vantage V2 Review unit performed fairly well in accuracy tests across the triathlon sports and accuracy is improved over the first generation Vantage. Its main weakness was shown in the last few open water swims I managed this year where both HR and GPS were lacking compared to Garmin who also seem to have stepped up a notch in OWS over the last year or so. Most GPS devices tend to do well at cycling and the Vantage V2 is no different. However, the hardest tests for accuracy are when running. The Polar Vantage V2 matched what typical Garmins deliver with running and, other than an occasional wobbly with oHR, there was little to separate a normal Garmin oHR/GLONASS performance to a normal V2 oHR/GLONASS performance. I repeat a GNSS test for every running-capable watch and the V2's best score was an acceptable 75%.

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How does gps accuracy of vantage v2 compare to that of the original vantage?
Could you comment on that?


Wow, thanks!

If I read the results in the xls right, the vantage TITAN is actually better than the brand new vantage v2 (looking at gps-accuracy). Well, it’s not worlds apart, it’s 79% vs 75% according to the xls. I wonder, is this firmware issues? Should we expect the v2 to improve over the next months via firmware upgrades?


i saw your xls file and i saw vantage v2 model a & model b..what’s the differences? how do we know which one is model a and which is model b?


thanks for reply. it’s interesting that the result difference between the 2 is like heaven and earth. i’m actually surprised (or not so) at suunto 9 final accuracy at near the top. i got suunto 9 recently and the gps accuracy really doesn’t disappoint, though the ohr, well…. you know and i know …