new VO2max Features For Fenix & Forerunners … and Enduro

Garmin fenix 6 review specifications

new VO2max Features For Fenix 6 & Forerunners … and Enduro?

I was trying to keep my powder dry on the new features that will appear in next month’s supposed Garmin Enduro launch, except Garmin keep releasing them in beta for some Forerunner & Fenix models. #Sigh.

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  1. new ClimbPro

We’ve already seen the new ClimbPro alerts and ClimbPro descents make their way into the 945 beta last week.

2. new VO2max for Trail Runs

I’d missed that new VO2max is now calculated for trail runs in the latest Fenix 6 beta (see Garmin Forum). That info was leaked last year but only recently surfaced publically on the F6 forum.

Essentially it’s quite difficult to get decent VO2max estimates for anything other than running or cycling. However, the Enduro and Fenix (probably FR945/745 too) will now calculate a Trail-specific VO2max estimate by adjusting the normal running VO2 estimate based on changes to the trail terrain as detected by the watch. Conceptually it’s probably easiest to imagine this as being based on grade-adjusted pace (slope) with an extra adjustment factor for bumpiness/slipperiness (the reality may, or may not, involve machine learning…probably not). I’m not exactly sure ‘bumpiness’ the latter will be determined by the accelerometers but I’m sure someone at Firstbeat has given a good crack at it. Will it be super-accurate? Probably not but I bet the modified algorithm will be better for Trail than just simply using the standard running calculation. Time will tell.

then the more you think about it the more this sounds like a running power calculation. Strange that.

3. new Rest Timer – you might all want to do some digging there as well. Maybe? Perhaps? (You do!)



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11 thoughts on “new VO2max Features For Fenix & Forerunners … and Enduro

  1. Not sure if it’s because I’m confined at home for the moment, but I’ve been having recovery alerts lately, even though I still exercise in the treadmill. The one in the image was at around 18:00.

  2. You guys continue to be the best for new information. Question: hoping the new 6 variants include a titanium in black/Carbon that doesn’t require a titanium bracelet and still includes maps. Too hopeful?

      1. Ha! Well back to the drawing board. Guessing no maps from suggestions, tragic. But reference to titanium (light weight) so I’m slightly still hopeful there other than color. Will have to guesstimate otherwise on what a new variant could entail, other than enduro branding – or…. different encasement style for ultras, therefore light. Ugh – why isn’t it mid-Feb yet.

  3. Are you sure, the Vo2max calculation is different at all to the standard running vo2max calculation?

  4. Kudos to Garmin, they seem to have really upped software support on the current F6/x45 (6̶4̶5̶) range.

  5. Good to see more activities getting VO2 measurement support – given the concept 2 PM5 monitor is now recognised as a power meter by the Fenix 6 I really hope Garmin puts two and two together and adds VO2 calculation for indoor rowing soon

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