new Garmin 945/745 Feature signals ‘more to follow’ |Forerunners, Fenix too possibly

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Garmin fenix 6 review specifications
ClimbPro v1

Garmin Announces new ClimbPro features in FR945/FR745


The Forerunner 945 /745 already has ClimbPro, as of today the latest beta Firmware version gives an update to that. This update includes ClimbPro info for descents. (Read on, it gets more interesting!)

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Garmin has recently been adding new features to non-traditional sports profiles. So last year we saw virtual running for indoor running, we recently saw PM5 support for indoor rowers and we saw XC skiing power as well. This is clearly a strategic tweak to the direction that Garmin is moving toward for supporting less mainstream sports. I’m still hoping for native running power calculated from the wrist but there have been no updates to last year’s tentative leaks yet.

I’ve not had a chance to test out today’s beta firmware yet and my understanding is that it is primarily for TRAIL/ULTRA running, although might apply to other sports as well.

It does not seem a massive jump of faith to assume that this new ClimbPro descent feature might find it’s way onto the 2x new Garmin Enduro-branded watches that seem to be scheduled for imminent release, I might speculate that such a high-end, Titanium-case, Solar running watch in the shape of a Forerunner/Fenix might also contain other, new sports specific features. Just a thought. ‘Titanium being lightweight’ might also be another thought upon which to dwell.


These are the new featurettes:

  • Added alerts for ClimbPro to notify of upcoming climbs
  • Added descents to ClimbPro when enabled for non-cycling activities.
  • See comments below: this beta also silently include PM5 support for rowing.


Want something more entertaining to read? Try this: – Which is worse – Garmin vs Wahoo vs Karoo

Full Release Notes

Changes made from version 5.50 to 6.04:

  • Improve the software update process for external accessories. The installation prompts will now appear after activity to avoid interrupting activity start.
  • Improvements to heart rate broadcast.
  • Add more smartphone app logos for smart notifications.
  • Block music controls and disconnect headphones in aeroplane mode.
  • Fix a rare issue that could cause heart rate data to appear flat in Garmin Connect.
  • Fix an issue that could prevent LiveTrack from starting when Auto Start is enabled.
  • Fix a graphical issue with workout alerts when the background color is set to black.
  • Fix an issue sometimes causing distance remaining to not display the hundredths digit.
  • Added alerts for ClimbPro to notify of upcoming climbs
  • Added descents to ClimbPro when enabled for non-cycling activities.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Forerunner 745 – firmware link


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FYI: Forerunner 245 and 245M also got a new beta update!


What happened to FB sleep tracking?


If I am not mistaken, advanced sleep tracking (FB algorithm) was revoked just before the release. The same one that was released on Fenix series. Forerunners (945/745) are to be updated with it, though nothing has happened yet since the release.


Oof! Just saw you updated your timeline/guestimate on the 955 to April/May, was really hoping for a 955 LTE this month. Think any chance the 955 could opt for a titanium model as well? That’d be great, even with the extra cost. It’d then get a nicer polished look for more formal wear.

Julien Martinez

You discribe the Fenix 7 : functionality as the 955 with titanium case 😁

tfk, the5krunner

hmm. no.


Was expecting them to bring Firstbeat Sleep and PM5 support to the 945/745/245 with this update. Hope they did not have a change of mind and are holding back those features for the x55 series.


The sleep widget (FB sleep) same as in Fenix was implemented in FR745 pre-release software and it was removed just before the release due to bugs. It supposed to be added later through updates. If Garmin decides to omit FB feature for FR745 that’s not fair to their customer as the feature was introduced in early reviews before the release.


Yes they did state as much on the 245/745/945 forums. But why are the bugs taking so long to fix? They working on from August 2020. Millions have been vaccinated yet Garmin is still working on that fix. Also, why was it not pulled from the Fenix 6 as they share the same code base with the 245/745/945.


PM5 support is included in this Beta, but not mentioned!

tfk, the5krunner



I noticed you’re calling the Enduro an “Ultra Watch”. But based on the name, seems much more logical that it would be mountain biking focused (enduro is an actual biking sport). So is it a poorly named running watch? And what’s the your source for the name “Enduro”? It only seems to be referenced on your blog.

tfk, the5krunner

yes it would be a better name for that sport. your assumption was my original assumption a year ago, or so
time will tell if the name was ill-judged
the name ‘Enduro’ was leaked quite some time ago and not by me. Google is your friend!

I will never reveal sources of the kind you are talking about nor break NDA’s with suppliers.


Thanks—I see that “Enduro” popped up in the list of leaked device names a while back. Looking forward to finding out soon… I’m hoping for a dual-band running watch that looks nice enough to wear 24/7; tired of the mediocre GPS on the Fenix line and don’t need 8-million buggy useless features.

tfk, the5krunner

indeed so, I have no intel on the dual-band side of things for this device. i would certainly welcome it but i suspect that it won’t make too much difference in real-world running scenarios. Hiking+nav?…that’s different
I’m sure you’ve seen some of my other comments and that it may be the case that the dual-band stuff doesn’t work (yet) for non-walking activities…IDK.


Spotted something intriguing on reddit here – a Garmin badge in the system but not available yet with a familiar name and needing a pretty impressive number of hours running in a month to earn it.

tfk, the5krunner

80 hrs/mo…yikes


So imminent… What guesstimation of timeframe does imminent possibly mean? I’ve been waiting for a new 6 solar variant to come out for long-term purchase, and am curious about the enduro. Love any insight you may have.

tfk, the5krunner

hey i’ve seen your site a few times, nice work. readers are encouraged to click @fit’s name to go to the site.

A::17 feb give or take a day. I originally thought it was a couple of days away but …

NB that date is not 100% confirmed but intel strongly points that way.


Thanks so much! That means a super ton coming from you. You guys are the most on top of it website I have come across for details, projections, and reviews/updates.

and thank you for guesstimation of date release! That feels like 1 million years away, but such is life. Hoping there is a surprise earlier release!

Thanks again!

tfk, the5krunner

it’s more than a guestimation. it’s concrete intel from multiple sources BUT conflicting.


PM5 support is working now, tested it yesterday. But I had a power dropout while pace and stroke rate where still transmitted.

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