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Supersapiens now supports tie-up to Training Peaks

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Supersapiens has a sweet app and its usefulness has been recently expanded with a tie-up to Training Peaks to download your completed workouts which enables Supersapiens to better analyse your on-hour and off-hour performances.

The app already links to Apple Health and so any Watch app or iOS app that records your workout to Health will beindirectly linked to the Supersapiens app. The Training Peaks integration is an alternative to that.

In terms of viewing the Supersapiens data live, that’s a bit trickier because of the limitations of the Abbot sensor and the newness of the Supersapiens product – it’s a rapidly evolving situation. That said you can already see live Glucose data on the more modern Garmin watches and the latest Garmin Edge bike computers, I believe, are also compatible with the latest beta version of their Edge firmware. However, the data must be sent to your Garmin via the Supersapiens smartphone app OR via the soon-to-be-released Supersapiens wrist sensor/bridge.





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  1. On a side note, Abbot launched in selected markets (Germany is one as far as I know) an upgraded version of its sensor, named “Libre 3”. Its much smaller than current one but keeps same 14 days duration.

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