Supersapiens Wrist Wearable Coming Soon

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Supersapiens BLE Energy Band

Currently Supersapiens either internally stores your glucose data from the Abbot Biosensor for 8 hours or transmits live over BLE to the Supersapiens smartphone app.

That’s a little restrictive, so Supersapiens already has a mechanism whereby a smartphone app acts as a ‘bridge’ to relay the information to a Connect IQ data field on selected Garmin devices – which are the latest gen wristwatches as of 29Jul 2021.

I thought it would be cool if 4iiii Viiiiva could perform a similar bridging function. It can’t!

Then I discovered that Supersapiens are close to market with their own wrist wearable whose primary purpose is as an alternative data bridge to send the glucose data via BLE to other sports devices.

The Supersapiens Energy Band does NOT contain the sensor and is simply a data relay with live glucose levels and trending direction displayed.

Much better than carrying a smartphone… !!

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