Apple Severe Alert

Apple Severe Alert

The UK government has just tested its “Severe Alert System,” which comprised a siren and a few popup notifications on everyone’s phones and some watches, like my Apple Watch.

The system is being downplayed and loosely suggested that it might be employed if one of your neighbours has lost a cat or if someone’s tile has fallen off the roof in an adjacent street. The latter is the definition of a hurricane in the UK.

Of course, the most likely reason is that UK PLC is more concerned about Mr Putin hoiking nuclear missiles across various parts of Europe.

Happy days.

As we say here, “Keep calm and carry on” and above all “Don’t panic.”

I was a little intrigued by how the alert appeared on my Apple Watch as it wasn’t connected to the iPhone at the time. I guess the signal must have come somehow via WiFi as well as by cell for other people.


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4 thoughts on “Apple Severe Alert

  1. I got an alert too on my cellular AW 7 – maybe due to being an ‘active’ number albeit linked to the main number?

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