Pirelli P ZERO Race TT Clincher Tyre Review

Pirelli P ZERO Race TT Clincher Review - Obviously an excellent race tyre

Pirelli P Zero Race SL TLR – a great all rounder – the new GP5000?

Great tyres for fast, punchy rides if you can get them for less than £40/tyre.

Pirelli P-Zero SmarTube – first rides

Pirelli SmarTubes are a reasonable choice as a regular use performance booster and a great choice…

new super-tubes Pirelli P-Zero SmarTube

The interesting thing with the new Pirelli is that it claims compatibility with rim brakes. OK,…

Pirelli’s best-ever race tyre? – P Zero Race Tub SL

Hmm. Yes, probably a bit faster. The tyres are 35g/10% lighter than before giving a tyre…