Lumen Review – the Bad Bits 💲 Is It Worth It 💲 big discount

Lumen Review, get metabolic insights for fat+carb tracking in the new Garmin & Apple apps

Smart Carb Cycling with Lumen: A New Approach

Lumen, a device and platform that revolutionises carb cycling

Pre-Exercise Food Timing and Its Impact on Reactive Hypoglycemia – What it means for Supersapiens

The study might perhaps have been more useful if it highlighted the kinds of carbs to…

Lumen STOPS the subscription model (kinda)

Lumen STOPS the subscription model

Lumen adds guided nutrition to boost fat burning

Lumen adds guided nutrition to boost fat burning

Importance of Pre-Workout Nutrition for Your Metabolism

Have you ever wondered why some days you are excited about working out while other days,…

Fuel Stacking – Should I do it? (Ketones & Carbs)

HVMN state that Ketone-IQ can be mixed with sports fuel drinks and also taken alongside caffeine.

Precision Fuel & Hydration

or anything longer or more intense I'd plan more carefully and would happily use Precision Hydration…

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Lumen Review, latest metabolic info for fat+carb tracking an insights into the new Garmin CIQ app.

Ultra Running: Better fat oxidation shown in CurraNZ +Gel Study

Seven days intake of anthocyanin-rich NZBC extract altered exercise-induced substrate oxidation in a male amateur ultra-endurance…

SiS Beta Fuel – How much the pro’s take – 120g CHO/hour toleration

The pro's might get an edge by increasing consumption and previously recommended levels might be too…

Haskapa – Hands on with Haskap Berries, a source of performance-enhancing Anthocyanins

1) they reduce DOMS and 2) They increase the %age fat burn when you are exercising.