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5k Training & Racing HR Zones – What Is a Tempo run or a LSR (Long Slow Run)

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Heart Rate Training Zones

I found a few great training spreadsheets over the years and some are linked to on this site.

One is The5kRunner and DanielsTables v3 tools. It’s complicated but interesting if you have 15 minutes to kill (which will turn into an hour!)

Another is this spreadsheet Calculator.

Like many of you I often train by Heart Rate and I’m also not totally clear what zones I should be in for my LSR or my Various Threshold runs.

Heart Rate – Running Zones. With this spreadsheet, you put in the usual simple (if you have them) HR stats about yourself and it tells you want HR zones all the various run types correspond to. So in the attached spreadsheet my 5k race pace is 183-189bpm (gulp!) whereas my long runs should be 149-155bpm (about right) and my short intervals should be at least in the 170s bpm and probably well into the 180s (must try harder!)

Have a look. They will probably help when you need guiding on what to do on a particular day when you just previously hadn’t planned anything and you just fancy doing a …………..

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