Sex the night before a Triathlon or 5k? Good or Bad?

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B of the Bang (in Big Bangchester)
B of the Bang (in Big Bangchester) (Photo credit: dullhunk)


Here’s one way of boosting the hits on my site I guess….yes, the ‘S’ word should do it.

Here is an excerpt of the relevant bits from today’s article on the bbc website (so it must be true?):

It’s well established among sports scientists that sex doesn’t inhibit performance (as long as the athlete gets a full night’s sleep). But the aversion to sex before sport persists, and isn’t just a footballer thing. British sprinter Linford Christie used to say making love the night before a race made his legs feel like lead. German tennis player Boris Becker made headlines after he defied a trainer who told him to remain celibate. Boxer Carl Froch abstained from sex for three months before knocking out George Groves in their world title fight last weekend.

So now you know what to do, or not do. GET SOME SLEEP! (Cherry Active helps that if you’re interested). What a boring end to an initially hopeful title !

Actually Zemanta humourously (ish) picked up an interesting picture below in a related article.



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