Opinion: A New Garmin Swim 2? An Imagined Garmin 930XT and the HRM-SWIM

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This post is pure opinion and no information has been given to me by anyone in Garmin. Phew!! Got that one cleared up.

I will speculate along the following lines:

Hopefully you have all noted the HRM-SWIM/HRM-TRI heart rate strap (review). If you’re a runner it will be of little interest but if you like HR analysis and do triathlon (me) then it will have tickled your fancy somewhat with it’s HR caching for your open water swims/races and occasional pool use for training.

All well and good. Here’s a pretty picture of the latest addition to my heart rate belt collection.

Garmin HRM-TRI (HRM-SWIM) Review
Garmin HRM-TRI (HRM-SWIM) Review

If you’ve read my speculative post on the Forerunner 930XT then you may have gleaned that omissions to the 920XT abound on the swim front – swim workouts for example.

All well and good.

Let’s look back and see that quite a few of the running features that went into the 920XT actually came from, or mirrored, the earlier-released 620 running watch. Which, in hindsight, was an obvious thing for Garmin to do from a product development perspective.

Let’s suppose too that the 930XT will incorporate the same RUN functionality as any possible functional update to the 620 – I wrote an opinion piece several months ago on the imagined-Forerunner 630 to that effect.

So it seems to be the case that the multisport watches (920XT) may incorporate functionality from the earlier-released single sport watches (620+Edges) . Hmmm. (You can see where this is going!)

The 920XT triathlon watch currently lacks a bit on the swim front. And swimming functionality is one of the obvious areas to take forward its development and and we’ve just noted that previous iterations have taken new run functionality from updated run watches.

The Garmin Swim was released in 2012. That’s a fair while ago. If you check on the time between versions of Garmin watches then it’s usually 2-3 years.

  • So I reckon we are due a new Garmin Swim – I’ll call it the Garmin Swim 2.
  • If one were developed, it’s new functionality would naturally flow into an improved Forerunner 930XT.
  • There’s a HRM-SWIM already released which would be ideal for a new Garmin Swim 2 watch. That’s handy! Cached HR would be just one great new feature on a new swimming watch along with swim sets!!
  • Weren’t swim workouts first listed as a feature for the Fenix 3 on garmin.com?…They DEFINITELY were. But they’re not on the watch. Strange 🙂
  • Development in the 920XT/FENIX3 on swimming seems to be behind what it should be compared to run/bike and may have been held back. Perhaps to follow a 2016 early announcement of a Garmin Swim 2?

That all sounds plausible.

Of course, purely speculative and no doubt flawed 🙂

Against that you might set the market conditions.

The market for swim-only watches might be relatively small. I would guess it would be “high-end” athletes who buy a dedicated “high-end” swim watch. IMO.

With new products expected from FINIS in early/mid 2016 – the SWIMSENSE ELEMENT (optical HR) and the SWIMSENSE LIVE (Bluetooth Watch) – then might Garmin counter this? You might say ” How could they bring out a new product so quickly as we’ve only recently heard what FINIS are doing?” but the point is that WE have only just heard; with staff movements in the industry Garmin will almost certainly have got wind of this QUITE some time ago.

There are also products like http://www.xmetrics.it/ – in-stroke analysis and audio feedback. Hmmm. Step-change Innovation not incremental product-creep innovation.


  • armin Swim 2 announced mid 2016.
  • Garmin Forerunner 930XT announced soon afterwards.


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