Wahoo Firmware Updates

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Wahoo rolled out two new colours for the BOLT (Blue/Pink) which matched a similar announcement a year ago with the yellow and red colours.

Not massively exciting I guess.




But Wahoo also rolled out some new firmware a couple of days ago for the ELEMNT/BOLT, That WAS a bit more exciting. Here are the details

ELEMNT WF48-2659 – 15  April, 2019


The new look and feel seem a little more slick and mainstream. The thrust for this significant update is clearly reinforcing Wahoo’s desire to increase connectivity with other platforms as well as hinting at moves forwards to widen the functionality supported within the Wahoo ecosystem and also with new, additional functionality within the existing structured workout support. Indeed TrainerRoad via dcrainmaker also reported moves by TrainerRoad in that area to cleverly push structured workouts that can be followed TO the ELEMNT. The only issue I have with Wahoo’s support for following structured workouts is that it relies on a paid-for service the proper version of TP, XERT and TR are paid-for services. Sure TP offers a free alternative for workouts ‘today’ but that’s not very convenient at all.

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