updates for Garmin Index Smart Scale

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Finally, a much-wanted and, frankly, a much-overdue feature is just about to hit your current Garmin Index Smart Scale.

It’s nothing too fancy, you can now properly record more than one weights per day. Ta-Da.

Note: The current firmware is unchanged at v3.10 but the new functionality for the Index Scale is enabled IN the Connect app. Just make sure the app is up-to-date and all should be good.

As the image implies this might be handier than you think for athletes. Bearing in mind that, apart from the obvious expulsions from the body, your essential bodyweight doesn’t change too much during the day. Thus changes in your weight might be quite closely linked to sweat and hence your hydration status. As an athlete, you want to stay well-hydrated.


Should you rush out and buy a Garmin Index Scale?


  •  Well, you’re probably in lockdown right now so please don’t rush out anywhere for a relatively needless purchase.
  • As we found in the leaks last year an Index Scale 2 is slated for release and my guess is that the probabilities of this year are much more likely than next year. I’m going to buy one of those, so hurry up please Mr Garmin.

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Source: gadgetsandwearables

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5 thoughts on “updates for Garmin Index Smart Scale

  1. Finally, it only took them almost a decade when competition was doing it since day one.
    I used to dismiss the weight after a run on hot days to see sweat loss but don’t mess up statistics.

    One little thing: In the Connect App, it shows a grey area wich borders are the highest and the lowest weight a day. The blue line wich connects weight ins, is always connect to the LAST weight per day, not the average (like Wittings/Nokia does). It will be interesting if they change to average wich is better for long term tracking.

  2. Hey guys! Any guess on when we might see the v2? My old Withings broke and I am currently without a scale. Do you think is worth the wait or I should just get the current one?

  3. The Index Scale is a mess; only now, you can record the mess multiple times a day! I have stepped on the Index scale four consecutive times in a row and got four very different results in every metric.

    Withings Scale is superior in nearly every way and you can bridge weight and BMI data from the Withing to Garmin Connect with something like My Fitness Pal.

  4. it’s totally funny, normaly i measure my weight only 1 time in the morning, now with this option before i start a workout and directly after the workout and got interesting result for running and cycling:

    my morning measurement is arround 05:00 AM
    my measurement before a workout arround 03:00 till 04:00pm (mostly >=1kg more as in the morning and differents fat, water, muscle mass…..

    after a indoor cycling workout i have mostly the same values as before the workout, cause i drink a lot during training

    after a running workout, i mostly have the same values as in the morning measurement, because mostly i don’t drink during running

  5. Perhaps I got lucky, but mines been great. Would also detect between the wife and I and upload to the correct connect account

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