new Garmin Index S2 plus new Conti GP5000 – the new Index Smart Scale

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Garmin Index S2, the new Index Smart Scale for 2021


Old Model Shown

Finally, after much speculation, the FCC has today chalked up the Garmin Index Smart Scale as ready for action 0n 1-10-21 (CES 2021).

The original Garmin Index Smart Scale got a bit of a bad rap from customers and I never ended up getting one. However, I currently need to change the battery on my existing scales so that will be a great excuse to buy the new Garmin Index S2.

What will the Index S2 do? A: I’ve no insights to share there. I’d imagine we will also get some form of clever body composition analysis and I would hope that it automatically handles more than one person and links and syncs properly over WiFi to each of their Garmin Connect accounts AND that the weight is then piped through automatically to Google/Apple Health. In my case, that should then also sync with STRYD – welcome to my interconnected world. None of that should be too much to ask for from Garmin in 2020



Interestingly the original model received a firmware update in April this year which gives some indication of the MINIMUM capabilities of the Index Scale.

updates for Garmin Index Smart Scale


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Continental GP5000 TAN

My favourite all-rounder tyre is the Conti GP5000 (review here). You probably already know that you can get them in various widths as well as a TL and CL version. Well, the rubber party has been a wee bit exclusive so far with only the lycra-clad boys and girls invited to tea. Continental has now decided to send out a more open invite and FASHIONISTAs all over the world will revel in the glory of what is a TAN coloured, sidewall version of the GP5000. If this matches your handlebar tape and you think you’re faster than the average fashionista then you know what to do.

Speedy Tyres?

Unsure of what tyre width to buy but think widest is best? It may be. First, check what your wheel manufacturer recommends and then check older frames can actually take a wider tyre. A good rule of thumb for aeroness is to get a tyre width that’s the same as your wheel’s rim width so, if you have older aero wheels you may well find that 23mm is the one to go for.

Continental GP5000 tyres are VERY widely used by cyclists who want low rolling resistance (speed) coupled with a degree of longevity.


Must Read: Continental GP5000 Review

Continental GP5000 Review – You Definitely NEED These – Conti Grand Prix Tire – Tyre


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release date (MM/DD/YYYY format): 01/10/2021
Equipment Class: DTS – Digital Transmission System
Description of product as it is marketed: Smart Scale

zen they have already product why they wait ?


Bluetooth 5.0 YEAH! 😀


Where is that information? How you know?


I got my fingers burnt by the Mk1 scales. I presume weight was accurate, but everything else was little more than a random number generator at first, then after a firmware update it became a fixed number generator. ps. reference the updating to Stryd, it’s generally advised not to do this. My head hurts thinking about why this is so, and just put it down to the unique way Stryd measures “power”

Rui Pereira

If you don’t keep the weight constant, then you need to track Power/Weight for every workout. It will complicate your life for very little real world benefit. As a general rule you should only input a new weight when it changes in a meaningful way (more than 5 Kg or so), and only if you are not in the middle of a hard training cycle, otherwise it will mess things up. After an A race consider changing it to the weight you know will probably end up with in the next months.


Interestingly the original model received a firmware update in April this year”

There has been no firmware update this year, the added support for multiple weigh-ins per day in April was a change in Garmin Connect.