Biostrap EVO – Gen 2 ready for pre-order

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Biostrap Review

Biostrap EVO – Pre-Order Discounts

As of today, 9 Sep 2020, Biostrap is ready to take pre-orders on the next generation Biostrap EVO product and those orders will be fulfilled in October

I’ll quickly outline what’s new in Biostrap EVO and if you love your original Biostrap, you’ll probably love the improved hardware and aesthetics of EVO, Gen 2. The recently-updated features remain the same, for now, so you would be upgrading to future-proof your hardware.

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Biostrap EVO – What’s New?

The ‘form factor’ is the same. ie the key hardware appears identical. But all is not what it seems…

  • Gen 1 sync to the app was sometimes slow – Biostrap EVO is up to 5x faster on the sync
  • Biostrap EVO – has an improved antenna able to capture higher resolution data from you
  • Biostrap EVO – has increased range when connecting to your smartphone app
  • Biostrap EVO – now with IP68 Water & Dust Resistance
  • Biostrap EVO – Improved aesthetic and ergonomics of the band.
    • Medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone aids airflow. Stainless Steel buckles improve ease of use, looks more like a watch strap and adapts to your wrist size.

      The strap is available in an ONYX and Silver finish, or IVORY and Rose Gold


Biostrap EVO – Commercial Changes

Moving forward we are going to see Biostrap focus their efforts more on clinical research/support and on corporate wellness packages. Bluntly, there’s more money in those markets for Biostrap! HOWEVER, they will still be 100% supporting the consumer market and, as the company continues to grow, all the product enhancements are likely to filter down to us regular consumers too. Phew !!

Biostrap EVO Takeout: You don’t have to upgrade, I would take the deal on offer to future-proof your strap for whatever is released in the future. The aesthetics do look better and the improved hardware can only be a good thing. If you find Biostrap works well for you now…there’s no need to upgrade.

Biostrap – Price, Discounts, Upgrades, Pre-Orders & Availability

Biostrap is available directly from the manufacturer or EU distributor and you will not find any new ones either on Amazon or in retail stores. If you use the Biostrap Discount link below plus the coupon code “the5krunner” then you get a 10% discount…thank you.

USA Manufacturer Link: 10% discount with code “the5krunner” from 8 Oct

EU/UK Distributor Link:







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Jason Davis

I do wish Biostrap let you come back after a workout and then define/label it in the app. My memory is you had to start an activity in the app prior to doing the activity. But I’m recording my activities with my watch anyway, so not a huge deal.

The recovery side from Biostrap was great and I’m interested in the EVO just for that. Waiting to see what the battery life will be on the new unit and hoping it’s a little longer now.

Rui Pereira

Can’t seem to find the evo2 on the European website. Do you have a direct link or is the site not yet up to date?

Rui Pereira

At least right now there’s a pop up where you can put your email for more information later.

Rui Pereira

Site was updated, you can pre-order but yes it’s US only…


Is there any information on why this is the case (or when the EU launch is planned)? I was waiting for it to drop so that I could buy one.

tfk, the5krunner

there is no info to share on that at this point. (IDK, I have asked)

Rui Pereira

Apparently the Biostrap EVO didn’t pass CE marking. They are adjusting it and hope to have the new version at the end of November.

tfk, the5krunner

oh dear!
i’ll touch base with them, ty for the heads up


The5krunner coupon is no longer valid

Bruce Miller

The THE5KRUNNER discount code is invalid.

tfk, the5krunner

it shoul dwokr in the usa-only, where are you trying this please?


Tried ordering in the USA, code is “no longer valid.”

tfk, the5krunner

hi yes this is the right link and the discount code is now not enabled until the pre-order period finishes. the pre-order price of$199 includes a discount. i’ve changed my text, above, thank you for the heads up