COROS Add New Water Sports Profiles

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COROS Add New Water Sports Profiles


On the back of the recent launch of the COROS Pace 2, a nice freebie is on its way to nearly all existing COROS watch users. New activity modes designed for outdoor water environments & sports are imminent and include

  • Rowing – All excluding Pace 1
  • Indoor Rowing – All excluding Pace 1
  • Flatwater – All excluding Pace 1
  • Whitewater – APEX Pro and VERTIX.
  • Windsurfing – APEX Pro and VERTIX.
  • Speedsurfing – APEX Pro and VERTIX.

Here are some more details

  • Speedsurfing – Speedsurfers are focused on achieving the fastest speed possible on the water. COROS is the only multisport watch brand to offer native integration available to the community of over 25,000 members (end of 2020).  Data includes auto run detection, fastest speed, alpha speed and more
  • Windsurfing – Wind Surfers will see data including Distance, Speed, Heart Rate and other traditional metrics
  • Whitewater – For Kayaking, Canoe Slalom, and rafting, Data includes Stroke Count, Stroke Rate, Elevation, Speed, Distance and more
  • Flatwater – good for measuring activities such as Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
  • Indoor Rowing – with Concept2 via a Bluetooth connection, including live data like Distance, Stroke Count and Power
  • Rowing – open water rowers will receive data including Pace (per 500m), Distance, Stroke Length, Stroke Rate and more

Wait…there’s More

Also now live is the ability to download structured workouts and training plans FROM Training Peaks


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10 thoughts on “COROS Add New Water Sports Profiles

  1. With native Concept2 support, they are going after Garmin again. They seem pretty shure nobody wants that. We asked for ANT+ support for PM4 monitors for years and now use a iQ App to connect via BT to the PM5 monitors on the rower.
    If they go further that way, I will have to download aaaaall my data from Connect when the next watch is due. What software/site supports good analysis off cycling, running, indoor rowing and maybe swimming?

    1. The concept2 is second most widely used aerobic machine in the gym I go to. Don’t get Garmin’s decision not to support distance and power from them.

  2. Now if they would already ship the Pace2 so I can actually use it with my concept2… Is Coros a small company or why the huge delay in the Pace2’s shipping?

      1. Well, their site says 2-4weeks also. I put down for a Pace 2 at NRG. It’s dilemma: Knowing my luck NRG gets a limited amount the moment I cancel my pre-order, and I have to wait a month from Coros. Or wait for NRG, and Coros is actually much faster than 2 weeks. It can turn either way. Where did you get the no delays from their site? Also, straps are sold out. You can only pick the Handbag which is $9.99… If Coros can indeed ship the moment I order, I’m sold.

      2. Shortly after I got a mail from NRG that they would ship Pace 2s next week, they informed me that Coros doesn’t allow them (NRG) to ship Pace 2 outside the UK, thus they had to cancel my order and refund me.
        I ordered directly from Coros now since support told me that it’s the fastest way. If it weren’t for times like these I would not condone business practices like these but I guess Coros needs to maximise profits, can’t blame them. Also to their credit they cover import and duties cost (a lot for my country)!

    1. it works with the pm5, right? (i’m not especially into rowing tech)
      I think i have pm4, is it worth upgrading the ‘head’ unit?…eu150??? and/or risking it second hand? it’s either that or finally investing in a treadmill

      1. The PM5 adds BTLE, and a backlight. So, mostly CoL improvements. I never row in the dark but BT is definitely quite handy. No need for a USB cable if you use ErgData or asensei. PM4 only has Ant+ (PM5 has it too).
        Yes, the pace 2 should work with the PM5 since it’s BT.

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