Wahoo adds Kickr Direct Connect

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Wahoo adds Kickr Direct Connect

The mystery of the unused port on the Wahoo Kickr v5 has been solved.


In a Nutshell

You can now use a LAN cable to connect to your computer on your home network rather than via the wireless connection you currently use.


You should have a more reliable connection.


Well, that unreliability could be because of radio interference which the new cable method should now totally avoid.

If you are involved in some important online event then the stability of your connection is vital and you might just simply want to eliminate one ad-hoc source of instability even if you have a home WiFi that you consider to be generally good.


Not quite yet.

Wahoo claims compatibility as of today with SUF Training System, TrainerRoad, FullGaz, and RGT Cycling, with Zwift coming onboard soon.

Will I get One?

Probably not, mainly because I have the older Kickr2017 which isn’t compatible! I’ve no qualms in investing in boosting my older gear’s competences however and recently invested in the KICKR AXIS feet which are backwardly compatible with older KICKRs and give a smoother ride, especially when combined with a padded floor mat. Again I use the Wahoo mat. (I bought the mat and Axis feet with my own money)

Take Out

This is a niche hardware need that will eventually become pre-packaged with the top-end trainers that see themselves as having a future with e-Sports.

From a  consumer perspective it does address a highly niche need and certainly eliminates interference as one potential source of a dropped signal (I’ve experienced that and Wahoo support advised me to take measures against other signals)

Is Kickr Direct Connect Free?


£79.99 please. And you can buy your KICKR Direct Connect now directly from Wahoo Fitness here


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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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