Garmin Edge 1040 – Full Menu Walkthrough Videos

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Garmin Edge 1040 Map
Image|@Petr Benes

Garmin Edge 1040 – Full Menu Walkthrough Videos

Edit: First Thoughts ‘Review’ on the Garmin Edge 1040 Here

We’ve known the Garmin Edge 1040‘s headline specs for a while now and that the release date is this week. Here are detailed menu walkthroughs by Edge 1040 owner Petr Benes.


Garmin Edge 1040 Unboxing



Garmin Edge 1040 unboxing

Garmin Edge 1040 Walkthrough 1/4 – HArdware Overview

Garmin Edge 1040 menu walkthrough – part 1. Hardware look and main screen

Garmin Edge 1040 Walkthrough 2/4 – Top Menu & Battery Saver

Garmin Edge 1040 menu walkthrough – part 2. Top menu and battery saver

Garmin Edge 1040 Walkthrough 3/4 – Settings

Garmin Edge 1040 menu walkthrough – part 3. Settings menu

Garmin Edge 1040 Walkthrough 4/4 – Activity Screens (Includes Stamina)

Garmin Edge 1040 menu walkthrough – part 4. Activity screens and fields

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Release date June 8th


Feeling pretty underwhelmed. Not a lot different to my 830. Still big bezels. Still same software. Doesn’t look that much quicker. No real killer features. I didn’t see any sign of the mini map

That said, it looks like auto detect for climb pro is there. The new front screen is way better. Maybe it was a tad quicker but perhaps that is because it’s empty.


really wanted to see split screen – map and data on the same screen..


Agreed, looks like Garmin haven’t listened to what we asked for…. or perhaps a poor demo video? Who knows!

Ivor Peachey

Its a garmin headset , it didn’t do anything to show if following a route has been improved. I.E the use colour line and pathetic clear our own on a clear background


This is 1030++

Same screen, same frames, same everything except USB-C ouuuu wowwwwww….
3 years for this… Garmin laughs at its users, it has no other name


Same battery even. Which gives the 1040 the runtime hardly anybody has ever been dreaming of. Yes, it’s an incremental release and not a revolutionary one, but that’s true for every top of the range Edge since the 800. And it’s good they did those incremental releases, because otherwise we’d never see for example the battery consumption improvements achieved by the watches division (divisions, nominally) arrive on the handlebars.

Iustin Pop

Oh man, so much crying here. USB-C and the new GPS chipset are enough reasons for me to upgrade, and I’ll be thankful for that.

Adolfo Laguardia Jr.

Garmin doesn’t and will never listen to its users. Why? Because that’s simply how business works. Lol… Besides, garmin knows fanbois will buy anyway after all these hoohaa.. Lol


Thanks, not sure if it had been mentioned before but it seems configuration from the app will be available like on the F7/9x5s.
Outlandish claim that you can generate 42′ of extra battery time per hour of usage thanks to solar and the asterisk : “in power saving mode” !
Can’t see who would want/need to pay 150€ extra for solar ?


It can be useful for multi-day events. Imagine an event like Titan Desert, for example.


Really, had missed that, which models got it ?