Ironman – Use more fat for energy via Anthocyanin supplementation

curranzWell, this article applies to anyone who wants to increase the amount of fat they use in exercise to make those carbs last just a little bit longer. So it definitely applies to anyone embarking on the craziness of an Ironman.

Look! Scientific Summary of Research: International Journal of Exercise Metabolism and Sports Nutrition Jul 2018 (PDF)

Doubters: It’s based on that usual scientific stuff, so believe as much of it as you will. It’s probably all nonsense compared to the effects of crystal therapy ;-). Apparently the first ever Olympic Marathon winner supplemented with alcohol (Spiridon Louis, 1896, 2:58:50). So, if you want to break that 3 hour barrier, you know what to do.

Since the summary paper in Jul 2018, some new findings include these:

  • Dosing study shows fat oxidation is just getting going at 7 days but even better at 14 days.
  • A study that showed blackcurrant (supercharges) increases fat oxidation in men and women to 30% when exercising in hot conditions, by offsetting the decline that normally occurs to fat oxidation in the heat.
  • A heat running study showed that subjects on blackcurrant had less gastro-intestinal damage when subjected to exertional stress
  • Likely will show: A repeated response study showed that blackcurrant has a performance effect if used multiple times (ie if you respond once, you’ll keep responding to about the same level).

I might write about those in more detail in due course as the formal results are published.

Anthocyanins are now making it into the mainstream media. For example there was this May 2018 article in the Journal of DM Science aka the Daily Mail. In one sense it’s good that awareness is spreading and, indeed, there was a significant peak in views of the articles I had written about this general topic, mainly as a result of that article in the DM. Yet you can probably imagine that Jo Public will go and buy Anthocyanins and hope to burn fat just by taking tablets. The key message here is YES IT WILL HELP burn fat *BUT* to properly see the results you need to do it when exercising. I’ve tried telling my partner that – but the running shoes remain unused and MY supply of Anthocyanins has vanished. Go Figure. Either way, Anthocyanins make aerobic exercise more effective…right? (A: yes)

Apparently CURRANZ (the producer) says there are further articles due in Jan/Feb2019 by the Journal of Sun (Sun Newspaper), Journal of DM (as above) and the Socialist Republic of London’s Telegraph Journal (Telegraph newspaper…it’s right wing BTW). So let’s see if their articles are SCIENCE or SILLYNESS based in their interpretation of the REAL SCIENCE (as I listed above).

Practical Summary For Endurance Athletes

Take two a day for a least a week before your event.

Yes it will also help your training.

Obviously this is all a bit tongue-in-cheek. I do use the CURRANZ Anthocyanin product. I don’t get paid for writing this but I do get free samples. I do think they work, they taste fine. Indeed my 2 hour aerobic threshold run today seemed to have my AeT (based on RPE) a beat or two higher than normal at 150bpm. ie it seemed like I was a bit faster than normal whilst still aerobic…Maybe that was due to the CURRANZ? Either way, I got a power-duration training PB courtesy of STRYD (well courtesy of my legs, STRYD just measured it).

Get your Anthocyanin Discount (CURRANZ Discount) via this link below.I make zero money if you do get some (I know there is a cynical element out there). But I will be happy that you are just a little bit faster and I will be smug that I am doing my bit for aiding athletic awesomeness amongst the general population.

Go Forth And Run. And Get Skinnier.

Did you know that for every kg you lose, ceteris paribus*, most people will get 10-15 seconds faster per 5k race? No? Well you do now 😉

CURRANZ discount code – promotion on the5krunner


* Latin for ‘providing you don’t lose muscle mass‘.







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