My Sporting Software Mish-Mash as we say GOODBYE SPORTTRACKS DESKTOP

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As SportTracks ST3.1 (desktop) reaches end-of-life I’m hoping that the plugins continue to work. If not I am stuffed. This impending, potential data catastrophe has made me take my head out fo the sand, look around a bit and then stick it back in a little bit deeper.

Whilst my head was above the data parapet I looked at what I actually use for my OWN DATA. IE not for this website as such.

Here’s what I use with more stars (***) meaning more usage and I might have missed some things out

You could say, “What a mess!” and you would be right.

For recording devices, I tend to use either Wahoo+Polar or Wahoo+Garmin. Neither setup works how I would like it and it is data access to MY DATA on the Garmin/Polar part that lets me down.



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