new Garmins in 2020 | Forerunner, Edge, Air, more

Race Predictor Forerunner 645
645 Shown – did I do any of those times? Err., no.

Garmin will undoubtedly announce some new tech goodies either this week at CES2020 or VERY soon after once the marketing hype from other companies has died down – ie I would be amazed if there is no January announcement (Edit: queue amazement!!)

I have no direct Garmin-intel for exactly what they will release this month. it would be reasonable to expect a couple of these three/four likely options COMING NEXT:

  • RELEASED Garmin Index Scale 2 (Jan 2021) and
  • ? Garmin Forerunner 655 and
  • RELEASED SEPTEMBER 2020 – Garmin HRM-PRO (maybe also the new running pod).
  • RELEASED Then, possibly, Garmin Instinct Solar (Instinct 2) RELEASED
  • RELEASED SEPTEMBER 2020 And possibly a Vivoactive 4/Venu variant such as LTE/cellular
  • A new (minor) Fenix 6 variation like LTE or solar-trickledown – but I don’t think so.

Then in q3, we will see these

  • RELEASED Garmin Forerunner 745 (tri watch, Sep 2020) and/or
  • Garmin Forerunner 955 plus 955 LTE (tri watch – COULD BE AS LATE AS Q4.2021) and
  • RELEASED Garmin Quatix 6 (Fenix 6 variant)

And these in Q3/Q4

Here are the full set of leaks:


Garmin Releases for 2021 | rumored 955, Air, Rally, Enduro, LTE and more

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43 thoughts on “new Garmins in 2020 | Forerunner, Edge, Air, more

  1. So, what’s the model differentiation between the 7xx and 9xx range of Tri-watches? I kind of thought the 9 series had superseded the 7 series

    1. forerunner 45/245/645(655) are the running ones.
      the same principles will apply to 735/935, 745/945. a few less features and a few les $£ for the 7xx model.

    1. Same!! My husband swiped my foot pod while I was injured (he travels for work regularly and does lots of treadmill runs). Now that I’m recovered from knee surgery, I’d like one for home treadmill runs!

  2. I wish a new foot pod with running metrics as precise as a Stryd but without power to cost half of the Stryd.
    And that Hrm-pro have a detachable sensor with Bluetooth and ant+.

  3. Garmin Index Scale 2 looks good soon, because Garmin Moderators are deleting 1 month old Threads in the official Garmin Forum about the scale 2 rumours, anyway my Thread was critical too, because the Scale 1 have big measurement bugs, the know it, but don’t fix it 😀

    1. I had a Garmin scale and it was working fine, then after an update it just went bazinga e gave me 5% body fat, not even my toes have 5% body fat. I tried to send it to repair, but I could not find the receipt so no warranty, such a terrible experience at the end.
      When I got it it was synching all together with my forerunner and MyFitnessPal and it was great, I wonder what happened there and why Garmin just stopped ignoring the problems of the scale.

  4. I’m starting to wonder if the 655 really exists. The 245 is a solid watch and the 935 is full features, with a 745 incoming I wonder what a 655 could give. If it had barometric altimeter, power and a oled screen it could differentiate enough, but I see Garmin doing small increments, not big changes…

  5. I decided to get a Fenix 6 Sapphire Titan – would you say it makes sense to buy or to wait.. what’s your feeling?
    I don’t want to miss a solar option or a darker titan version …

    1. Christoph – a nearly top of the line watch – why this vs the 5 plus for the $? I ask because I am considering one too. I really wish we would see a Fenix 7 line announced just so the prices on the 6 could start coming down.

      Why Garmin includes Golf on a watch for outdoors/sports enthusiasts beats me. I bet 98% of the folks that own a Fenix never use the golf features.

      Anyone else looking at Garmin Fenix line and have something better (primary use case is running, hiking, backpacking (several day), mt. climbs, and skiing). This watch is nearly perfect other than that aforementioned useless golf option.

      1. how do you mean those two? I meant that if there will be a 6 titanium solar version, I’d wait. If the lineup stays like this, I’ll buy the 6 sapphire titanium… 🙂

      2. i have some leaks suggesting new variants of F6
        if i would you i would buy based on what is there now and not wait (well, maybe wiat until march…jsut in case)

      3. so we expect product announcements in march from Garmin? Knowing the timeframe for product announcements is actually the most helpful thing for my buying decision.

  6. thanks for the insight. Just knowing they announce this time of year rather than summer or fall is helpful. That’s all. I’m training for a big event this summer and I can wait a month or two to pull the trigger but really need Fenix capabilities once spring rolls around.

  7. Garmin has suddenly scrubbed its site from any references to their foot pod. It can no longer be viewed or bought. Something must be imminent?! A replacement dual BLE/ANT+ foot pod?

    1. great minds think alike! I’ve just been looking at that as well.

      my guess would be 655+hrm-Pro + running pod next week.

      if so this will be the first watch garmin have (almost) kept quiet

  8. Did Garmin announce any new wearables or wearable accessories at CES 2020??? I cant seem to find a consolidated list of all Garmin announcements from the event.

  9. Is there any more recent news on Garmin watches for 2020. I am looking to update my FR620 and I’m struggling to choose what to go for. A 735XT, FR245, FR935 or do I wait.

  10. Are we still expecting to see some new Garmin toys this month? The further we get from the xmas spending, the less likely I’ll be able to resist!

    1. i would expect more, yes. more were planned last year than were relseased. these things can get pulled for various reasons…(never stated) but could be unforeseen bugs or a competitor move

      1. i must be getting old…i missed that one. ty
        i don’t ‘do’ golf watches tho.
        (golf …january…why?)

  11. Imagine the shutdown of factories in China will delay any upcoming launches due to component shortages. Think the bulk of Garmin;s factories are in Taiwan.

    1. ah yes, the advantage of good, old-fashioned STOCK. rather than JIT.
      tho I suppose whilst there might be parts-stock to meet the initial launch orders there would be a delay on subsequent batches, so I imagine it’s a nightmare planning the whole year.

      H1N1 was, what?, 11/12 years ago? That lasted for more than a year. oh dear.

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