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Pru Ride London 2016 FinishPru Ride London Cancelled

The last remaining ‘proper’ bike race in the UK has been cancelled and the massive public ride that goes with it has been cancelled too. That’s bad news for many London-based riders like me as I like to do the race, although I was not booked on this year.

I just wanted to give a massive KUDOS to the organisers who are giving full refunds. Ironman, Datev Challenge Roth…you are not cool in this respect and others like you too. If you can’t fulfil a contract then you’ve broken it and you should give full refunds. Athletes facing such situations should demand a refund but settle for a postponement if one is offered that is convenient for you. If refunds are refused to be made and you paid by credit card, you probably have protection from your credit card company (not charge card/debit card). Give ’em a call.

I’ve seen some organiser offer lines like ‘Please don’t ask for a refund it will harm us financially etc etc’. Well, what about athletes who entered and who work in the airline industry or entertainment or hospitality industry? That hundred pounds/dollars race fee refunded to them could make a very big difference.

Moan over. BTW: None of my races have been cancelled…yet, so it’s not sour grapes, just loving to see people do the right thing and disliking those that don’t.

Awesome job Pru Ride London and let’s hope the new sponsors from next year onwards keep up the good work (and get a full race cancellation insurance package)


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2 thoughts on “Pru Ride London -CANCELLED – FULL REFUND – KUDOS

  1. Hello,
    I am curious to know whether there are other people facing similar issues with refunds from London Prudential 100 and their 2020 entries or simply expose what I believe to be a deceitful and dishonest way to prevent participants from regaining their £90 as promised by the Organisers.
    According to their various communications the refunds should have been processed back to the paying entity on the 10th of July. Disgracefully, the only guarantee they are willing to offer that any refund happened is their word and to pick it up with the card provider.
    Having requested a proof of the transaction from them back to my card provider, they have now refused on 3 separate occasions. Safe to say that my card provider is unable to check whether a payment was received when I have no payment reference or details other than Stewart and Zoe from the event’s helpdesk “assuring me that my refund was successfully processed”.
    I find this attitude appalling by an event organiser sponsored by a Financial Entity such as Prudential, who should know better how financial transactions are recorded and that a simple sentence asking to take their word for it won’t cut it.
    In light of their refusal for transparency, I find myself compelled to share my experience with others and will proceed to escalate the matter legally.
    If anyone else has encountered similar issues with their refunds, please feel free to reach out as I inform my legal counsel to issue a formal letter of complaint.

    1. Hmm. Yes, if what you say is accurate, then we need to shout about it. Other race organisers have been less than fair and the communications from Pru Ride London DID SEEM LIKE they were going to do the right thing.

      FWIW: your legal recourse is through your card provider. You have a cast-iron case that the full entry fee should be refunded as Pru Ride London DID NOT PROVIDE THE SERVICE YOU PAID FOR. I suggest you phone your card provider.

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