Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Accuracy


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7 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Accuracy

  1. Hi,

    interesting articles. I have use the 1030+ for a couple of weeks now. Before I had the 810. I experience Strava segment problems with the 1030+. During a 33km/h cruising speed ride I have multiple KOM’s with 50+ km/h. Very annoying. Like 70 km/h average with a max speed of 27 km/h.

    Could it be the GPS settings?

    1. hey, yes that is seriously wrong. Apart from obvious questions like…were you in a car a little alter on i can’t see a sensible explanation for this.
      STRAVA do adjust segmeent performances and i guess it’s possibel that your gps might have incorrectly recorded the start/end of the segments.

  2. For elevation accuracy, the only way to test would be using LiDAR data. There is wide variation across devices – I have found that Garmin Edge devices are good, as are Wahoo, but the latter does more smoothing and the former gives more unsmoother raw data (I prefer that). I have some detail on adding LiDAR data on YouTube:
    See videos 7 and 8
    And this one too:

    Also calibration of the device should be turned on, but not on as riding when riding the segment for comparison if you want all data to correlate, if you see what I mean.

      1. Good point! I wasn’t using it that way, as I was creating a route. You can go down to 25 cm squares with good data, but as you say, to truly compare, that’d need the device to put you on that square.

        Garmin’s DEM via Garmin Connect follows SRTM fairly closely. Strava’s is most refined.

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