Only the other day I wrote how it was not news that another company has linked to STRAVA. #sigh. I shall eat my words and let you look at this self-explanatory image concerning who exactly STRAVA is partnering with now! Then I’ll cover  WHOOP’s particular kind of link to STRAVA, which is interesting…and, maybe, news. 🙂


Whoop doesn’t collect GPS data, except when recording via their app. So if you workout without the phone is there any point in this for WHOOP users? A: Yes.

This should still work with just the strap-only. I tried it with the app recording GPS and the strap also in action and all was cool.

So what do WHOOP push to STRAVA that’s so interesting? There are two things here one clever, the other less so. Let’s start with the less clever and more mundane sync.

WHOOP Review

WHOOP App records a workout with GPS and HR

The workout appears in STRAVA as it would for a regular GPS sports watch.

However, this would also appear

The Clever Bit

The STRAVA API allows info to be written back to STRAVA over an above the FIT/TCX file itself. A good and simple example is KLIMAAT which writes back detailed weather stats to the description field of your workout in STRAVA. I didn’t know this next bit was was possible but it looks like WHOOP are allowed to write back a graphic of workout data to the workout description in STRAVA. ie rather than just a pre-authorised & paid-for ad.

Here’s how it works

I’m assuming that WHOOP expects most people to workout only wearing the strap. So what they have done here is pretty cool as they also let you choose which workout view is shown in STRAVA when you create the link between the WHOOP app and STRAVA. You can see there are 3 formats to choose from ie a heart rate chart, your training status and some other bits of info.




So I did a test run whilst fiddling with some other tech and I managed to get this to show in STRAVA at the end of the workout. There’s also a second image showing a subtly different STRAVA workout from WHOOP.

Well, I thought it was cool 🙂 It’s a nice touch how WHOOP let you determine the image format that appears in STRAVA.

Note: STRAVA confirmed this is NOT a a sponsored integration

Other WHOOP Developments

WHOOP got a ton of VC money a while back and they’ve used that to progressively build up the app. It’s well put together for sure.

As well as today’s announcement, WHOOP also recently added some support for analysing changes to your baseline respiratory rate. If this rises it’s possible that it could indicate a CV19 infection. Other companies like ithlete have been commissioned to see if changes to HRV can also predict the onset of CV19.

Hint to all of them…they 100% CAN’T predict the onset of CV19 AT ALL. However, these changes may indicate that there are disturbances to your nervous systems and one cause of that is an infection such as CV19.

WHOOP has also made several improvements to the journal and to the monthly report. Nice.


WHOOP Accuracy

I looked again at WHOOP accuracy a little while back. It’s a similar situation to when WHOOP was first released (the sensor is the same!). To me, it seems that WHOOP is accurate enough at resting levels of HR to have as good a crack at HRV as anyone else. Whilst at higher, sporting levels of exertion it’s not always as accurate as other oHRMs but I previously found that the TRIMP scores *I* produced for *MY* training load calculations with WHOOP were pretty much the same as from other sources ie actionable.


WHOOP HR Accuracy – Again

Take Out

Other industry players might want to take note of this take on how WHOOP have integrated with STRAVA as they could certainly improve how they appear in our STRAVA feeds. Perhaps overt branding isn’t allowed without payment and a more formal sponsored integration but other proprietary metrics could be shown for free in the graphic that is not shown by STRAVA themselves eg XERT could show MPA as part of a graphic on a XERT workout description in STRAVA. MPA only comes from XERT so it’s the indirect promotion of XERT. Maybe STRAVA allow that for free? Just a thought

Must Read: Check out the latest WHOOP Review



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15 thoughts on “WHOOP creates INTERESTING FORMAT link to STRAVA

  1. Also Concept2 (Rowers) does that in Strava feed quite some time (via partner integration) – a picture with a “virtual” monitor and results/splits are included. Nice feature ?

    1. ty
      yeah, i guessed someone had done it. i just couldn’t remember seeing it anywhere. Someone else will probably chip in with some other examples too.
      I’m actually working on an app that writes data/text back to STRAVA but we never thought of the imagery side of it. maybe now we will 🙂

    2. This! Though getting data out of Concept2 rower is such a (relative) pain, I doubt many people actually do it. It’s just easier to wear the watch that tracks strokes (both Garmin and Suunto do it) and then enter the final distance…

      1. How is it a pain? With my c2 I just use ErgData on my iPhone and it synchs with Strava and TP. As easy as any watch. Alternatively there’s ErgIQ for Garmin which mirrors the PM5 just like ErgData and synchs afterwards.

      2. Ahm… no. Perfect connection with Android phone is possible thanks to ErgData app and as I said nice integration in Strava.

  2. Historically speaking Strava has charged companies on a per-connected user basis companies to display the featured image bits. I’ve talked to most about it. Some companies say it’s worthwhile, other companies have said it’s definitely not. A few others considered it too, but ultimately didn’t bite the bullet due to the way it used to be presented (with the ‘Sponsored’ tag, no it’s not since the new CEO). I don’t know if pricing has changed since the new CEO.

    1. Should there be some form of user consent for activity becoming adverts? I think wahoo did it too? Maybe fair if on a free acount but nologo for paid users of either service?

    2. Just finally got pinged back from STRAVA and they confirmed that this is NOT a SPONSORED partner integration it is a Partner Integration. Phew! glad we got that one cleared up

  3. Not related to Strava, but…

    I think WHOOP OHR definitely changed through the years. The 3.0 was much more susceptible to running cadence locks initially than was a mature 2.0 firmware. It got progressively better, but there are still issues with running intervals when your heart rate and cadence drop on recovery. They tend to chase peaking heart rate harder than anyone. Also, WHOOP sensor seems to have a problem with free weights and exercise with lots of arm movement like kettlebell swings or snatches. But then Polar OH1 isn’t much better in that department.

    Also, not only the band placement but a band material matters too. In my experience, WHOOP impact sleeves sit better than any recent biceps bands with the exception of possibly ProKnit… Haven’t tried that one, maybe that would be return to form, the first biceps bands that they released almost three years ago.

    Anyhow, just my two cents on things WHOOP…

    1. yes the alogrithms changed and the straps too. I was told the sensor is the same

      1. Depends on a definition of a sensor… The LEDs and all skin facing bits are probably the same, but the overall package should be somewhat different. In 2.0, OHR algos were implemented in hardware of the band itself, which probably required a fair degree of signal processing power and contributed to 2 day battery life. In 3.0, the algos were moved into software. At least, this is what WHOOP was saying around 3.0 introduction time. Though one wonders if this were the case, the software must still reside within the band. Otherwise, broadcast of OHR wouldn’t work.

      2. yes the very original claims were that the WHOOP was a simple sensor with the processing being carried out on the net IIRC. that gave it what was a good battery life at the time
        yes what you say about some algos being on the band must be true (i can’t remember if there is still server-side smoothing…i have this nagging feeling that there is.) I suspect that originally WHOOP introduced broadcast hr for gym equipment rather than for reviewers to compare that hr data to chest straps.

  4. The Whoop integration with Strava is neat but does not add any value. It is otherwise a good marketing feature for Whoop, somewhat similar to seeing Whoop branded apparel. They make you pay for the Whoop wear and you proudly help spread the word.

    1. I get where you’re coming from !
      WHOOP have unique metrics and this is a way of publicising your own score to your followers and, as I say in the article agreeing with you, it can’t hurt to indirectly promote whoop at the same time.
      branded apparel…I mean that’s western capitalism personified…everything is branded.

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